Merrell Barefoot Trail Glove Review: Another Great Zero Drop Running Shoe Option


I’ve written frequently here on Runblogger about my affinity for the Vibram Fivefingers shoes. I currently have three pairs (VFF Bikila, KSO, and Trek Sport), and find them to be great tools for both form work and leg/foot strengthening workouts (I’m not a full-time zero drop runner). Until recently, the Vibrams were really the only […]

Runner’s Roundtable Podcast on Running Form, Injuries, and Performance


I participated last night in a great Runner’s Roundtable Podcast on running form and how it relates to both injury and performance. The show was a sequel to a well-received previous RRT episode on Running Form that we had done last Fall. Other participants last night for Running Form Part II included Steve Magness, currently […]

Stride Rate, Stride Length, Overstriding, and Minimalist Running Form


The running science blogosphere has been popping over the past few weeks with articles touching on various aspects of the role of stride rate in running, particularly how it relates to both running speed and injury prevention. Here’s a quick summary of some of the relevant posts: 1. Back on February 5, I wrote a […]

Our Flawed Running Shoe Selection Process: Great Post by Ian Griffiths on


Image via Wikipedia I just read an excellent, evidence based post on running shoe selection by sports podiatrist Ian Griffiths over on In the post Griffiths does a great job picking apart our current process for selection of running shoes. Among other things, he discusses how we arrived at our current situation, why pronation […]

Review of Hydrapak E-Lite Hydration Vest: Lightweight Pack Made for Runners


One of the things I have learned since I started reviewing gear here on Runblogger is that different companies have different approaches to how they deal with soliciting reviews from bloggers like me. Some are clearly interested in just gaining exposure and linkage, they aren’t good at returning emails, and one has gone so far […]

More Low Heel-Forefoot Drop Shoes Now Available: Saucony Mirage, Peregrine, and Fastwitch 5


Just a quick post to let you know that several new 4mm midsole drop shoes from Saucony have been officially released and are available at Running Warehouse.  Here’s a quick look – I have the Peregrine already, and am hoping to get review samples of both the Mirage and the Fastwitch 5 soon so I […]

Gear Reviews: Nalgene Water Bottles, Arctic Ease Cryotherapy Wrap, and Febreze Laundry Odor Eliminator


I receive emails frequently requesting that I review various products. I’ve come to realize that this is both a blessing and a curse. Yes, it’s nice to be able to test out gear, but the downside is that it takes time to test and write reviews, and time lately is something that I have precious […]

Congrats to Steve Magness on his New Job as Assistant Coach to Alberto Salazar at Nike

Well, looks like the cat is officially out of the bag – I’d like to extend a big congratulations to friend and fellow running blogger Steve Magness on his new job as assistant coach to Alberto Salazar out at the Nike Facility in Beaverton, Oregon! As assistant coach of the Oregon Track Club, Steve will […]

Vertical Impact Loading Rate in Running: Post #2 from Jay Dicharry of the UVA Speed Lab


Yesterday I published a post on the topic of vertical impact loading rate in running – sounds like a complex topic, but in reality it simply represents how quickly you impact the ground when you run. The topic has gained a lot of interest among scientists lately as recent research has suggested that higher loading […]

Vertical Impact Loading Rate in Running: Linkages to Running Injury Risk


Last week I wrote a recap of the course I recently attended on the prevention and treatment of running injuries. In that post I mentioned that the topic of impact loading rate has gained a lot of interest lately in terms of it’s potential relationship to injury risk in runners. In the comments that followed […]

Gait Retraining and the Treatment of Running Injuries


Image by SashaW via Flickr In my previous post I summarized a slice of what was covered at a three-day course called “New Trends in the Prevention of Running Injuries” that I attended last weekend in West Virginia. In addition to discussing what we do and do not know about the causes of running injuries, […]

New Trends in the Prevention and Treatment of Running Injury, and a Healthy Dose of Natural Running


Every once in awhile in life you get the feeling that you are part of something big. Something that might really make a difference beyond just the small pool of people that you interact with on a regular basis. That was how I felt as I sat in a darkened conference room at the National […]