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Thinking About Writing a Book…

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Thought I’d throw this out there since it’s been occupying my mind lately – I figure if I write it down publicly I won’t be able to avoid following through. I’ve long had the desire to write a book (I am a stuffy academic after all…), and I’m just now starting to seriously contemplate the idea. With a sabbatical from teaching coming up this Fall, I should have time to get things rolling, and I have a theme coalescing in my mind. Something about finding yourself through running, and being willing to take risks along the road of life. I have a personal story to tell, and have been toying with the idea of incorporating those inspiration stories of others that I know in the on-line running world. Too many running books focus on the elites athletes and coaches – it’s time we everyday runners had a chance to tell our story.

I’m only just starting to think things through, and the seemingly monumental amount of effort this might require is quite frightening. I’ll be looking to my readers for support if I do it, and any advice and encouragement you might have would be much appreciated. Stay tuned…

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About Peter Larson

This post was authored by Peter Larson. Pete is a recovering academic who currently works as an exercise physiologist, running coach, and writer. He's also a father of three and a fanatical runner with a bit of a shoe obsession. In addition to writing and editing this site, he is co-author of the book Tread Lightly, and writes a personal blog called The Blogologist. Follow Pete on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and via email.


  1. Christinahebert says:

    Go for it! I would love to see a runners book that isnt for Elites of extremists!

  2. Greg Anderson says:

    Sounds like something I would read! I’m always looking for something to inspire me.

  3. Sounds good. And when you do it, make sure you remember those of us who run all the time and love it but still are slow! I’ve been running for a year and I’ve lost 20 pounds — I’m fit and healthy — but you fast people with your 8 minute miles are intimidating. 9:30 is my race pace… long live the turtles!

  4. cognitive dissident says:

    I’ve long been of the opinion that every literate and articulate person can write a book. With pieces like “Why I Run” as evidence, I suspect that your effort would be far above average–and one that I look forward to reading. Best wishes!

    • Pete Larson says:

      The Why I Run post is one of my personal favorites, and one of at the
      first I ever wrote. It’s pretty much the central theme to anything
      that I might write in book form. Thanks for pointing it out!

  5. Peter, This sounds like a great way to spend your sabbatical. You always provide great advice and support here, via your podcast and on DM, so a book sounds like the logical next step.

  6. This would be an exciting step for you Pete, and I count myself as one of many who would be happy to read whatever this effort produces. You manage to connect to a broad group by being relatable, in addition to motivational. Your personal journey alone would be a good read in more detail, and incorporating some other striking characters and their stories is a great idea. In fact, I’m sure you could fill a few chapters just on the amazing nature of the “community” of runners – in the real world and the evolving online realm. I’m looking forward to updates!

  7. SDrunner says:

    I’m definitely behind this idea, with one condition: when I order a copy of your book, I’d like you to autograph mine. Just in case it outsells Born to Run and you become rich and famous! I’ve been sent a few e-books asking to proofread/promote it, your’s would make it to the top of the queue if and when you’d like a 2nd set of eyes to read through it. Hopefully I’ll get a shout out in the acknowledgements since we are teammates and all (Brooks ID) :) Good luck Pete, I’ll be rooting for ya!

  8. Yes, just do it! You are one of the best bloggers out there and am sure it will be a great book.

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