A Tale of Five Marathons – How Disney was Different


I’ve now run 5 marathons in the past 2.5 years, and I had become accustomed to “the wall” arriving right around mile 16. Honestly, I didn’t think I would ever run a marathon where I didn’t bonk with about 8 miles to go. The mile-split charts below largely speak for themselves, but you can see […]

Race Report: 2010 Disney Marathon


It’s still a little difficult for me to wrap my head around what happened to me last weekend.  You see, I’d reached a point of utter frustration with the marathon.  Before Sunday, I’d run four of them, and each one went pretty much the same way – I’d run well early in the race, smack […]

Runblogger Runcast #6 – 2010 Disney Marathon Video Compilation


On January 10, I ran the 2010 Walt Disney World Marathon. I went into this race with no expectations other than to have a good time and do my best, and it turned into one of the most amazing running experiences I have ever had – easily the most enjoyable of the five marathons I […]

Runblogger Runcast #5 – First Audio Podcast


The first Runblogger Runcast audio episode is now on-line – here’s the episode description: “Runblogger Runcast #5 – Join me and Jack the dog while on a run around my childhood hometown of West Hartford, CT.  Among other things, I discuss the support of the on-line running community, my running plans for 2010 (including the […]

Become a Runner in 2010 – Luau’s Pitch to Get People Active in the New Year


Aside from posting links, I haven’t done much active promotion of other running blogs here on Runblogger – that changes now. I’d like to use this post to point you in the direction of a blog written by a friend named Matt, better know as @luau. His blog, Run Luau Run, is well written, he’s […]

Dailymile Challenge: Dashing Through December for Charity is Complete


Back in late November I decided to start a Dashing Through December challenge on Dailymile as a way to provide a bit of winter running motivation as well as do something positive for a charity whose mission I strongly support. The description I posted for this challenge on the Dailymile site is below: “After a […]

Runblogger Disclosure Policy

The Federal Trade Commission requires that I disclose the nature of my blog advertising and my relationship with the manufacturer or seller of any product that I endorse on this blog. My policies for reviews and endorsements are as follows: 1. This is a personal blog written solely by me. Occasionally I post content written […]