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Newton Gravity Trainers: Review of a First Run from @ahanu

One of my Dailymile/Twitter friends, @ahanu, just posted a great review of his experience running for the first time in Newton Gravity Trainers.  You can read his Newton review on the Dailymile website.  I haven’t tried the Newton’s myself (surprising, given my shoe addiction), and the price tag, from $150.00-$175.00 per pair, is high enough that if I value my life in my household I won’t be getting a pair anytime soon.  However, I’ve heard good things about them from other runner’s, and I’ll rely on their opinions for now.  Thanks again to @ahanu for the excellent review!

Update:  Did a bit of searching around and found a few other Newton reviews from runners that I respect.  Here are a series of Newton posts by Steve (@britishbulldog) from the Run Bulldog Run blog, and here’s a great three-part review (Part I, Part II, and Part III) from Brandon (@ironbrandon) of the Brandon’s Marathon blog and podcast.

Update #2: I need to stop reading Newton reviews or I’m going to get in big trouble with the “boss,” if you know what I mean. My desire to try these shoes is growing with each post that I read!

If you’re not familiar with Newton Shoes, they’re designed to facilitate a midfoot/forefoot strike.  Here’s how Newton describes their shoe technology on their website:

“Newton running shoes have a unique feel as soon as you put them on — lightweight, breathable, comfortable, highly cushioned but completely stable and responsive.

The upper is completely vented from toe box to heel. Anatomical stretch panels cradle the forefoot. The entire upper is highly adjustable with an anti-friction sock liner throughout.

The actuator lugs extend from the base of the forefoot region promoting a natural running technique as if you were barefoot. Newton Action/Reaction Technology™ allows you to land on your forefoot safely. Few shoes can come close to Newton’s impact rating in the forefoot. When your forefoot impacts first your foot has less of an opportunity to pronate or supinate as it would if you were heel striking, minimizing injuries.

After the forefoot makes impact and the actuators are driven fully into their corresponding chambers (the action), then levering and propulsion come into play. As you push off and drive forward the lugs are released (the reaction) providing energy return that in comparison to traditional foam shoes feels alive and fast.”

Below are a few YouTube videos from Newton demonstrating their thoughts on proper running form and their shoe technology.

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  1. I tried some on and ran around a bit (inside) at the VA Beach rock n roll expo. The only thing stopping me was the pricetag!

    • Pete Larson says:

      I agree, the price is steep! On the other hand, Santa is coming to town
      soon – maybe if I’m on the nice list :) -Pete

  2. Yo Pete.. you definitely have a shoe addiction issue. ;-) You might want to consider attending a RSAA meeting (Running Shoes Addiction Anonymous) meeting. Now, the first twelve step is: We admitted we were powerless over our running shoes – that our lives had become unmanageable over running shoes.

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