This Week in Runblogging: June 2–June 8 2014


The big running news for me this week was that my beginner 5K group ran their end-of-program race yesterday. It’s incredibly rewarding as a coach to see how far they have progressed over the past 9 weeks, and even more rewarding to have been able to watch them cross the finish line of what I […]

Two Weeks in Runblogging: May 19-June 1 2014

The Memorial Day holiday here in the US typically marks the unofficial start of summer for me. During my years as a college professor it came right after the end of the Spring semester, and it marked the start of 3 months without any classes to teach and thus more time to spend with my […]

This Week in Runblogging: 5/12-5/18 2014


This week was full of learning experiences for me. A hot 14 mile run on Monday reminded me that I need to start taking hydration seriously again now that the weather is warming up. A 5K on Thursday night reminded me that course and conditions on race day can conspire to smash hopes of a […]

This Week in Runblogging 5/5 to 5/11 2014


The big news this week for me was the return of the Saucony Kinvara. Version 4 was a big let down due to a poor fitting toebox, but version 5 has fixed that and then some. I ran 11 miles in them last weekend and wrote up a first impression review on Monday. I’ve since […]

This Week in Runblogging: 4/28-5/4


Sometimes you just need to do something a little bit different, and maybe just a bit dumb, in your training. On Thursday I had 8 miles on my schedule, but wound up running three separate times in three different pairs of shoes for a total of almost 16 miles. It resulted from seizing unexpected running […]

Video: David Epstein TED Talk on Whether Athletes Have Gotten Faster, Better, and Stronger

I came across this TED Talk video on the 278 to Boston blog. In the video David Epstein questions whether athletes really have gotten faster, better, and stronger. He looks at things like the role of technology in improving athletic performance, the role of body types in various sports, and much more (lots of running […]

This Week in Runblogging: 2/21–2/27 2014

The past 8-9 days have pretty much been a runner’s dream for me. Near PR in the 5K, Meb wins Boston, vacation to Mt. Ascutney VT with the family (site of the VT 50K each Fall), and I ran my first long trail race (~15K) in several years yesterday. Getting out on the trails reminded […]

This Week in Runblogging: 4/14 to 4/20 2014


Another solid week of training in the books, and another 5K race completed (#2 of the year). The race was a bit of a surprise as I finished 50 seconds faster than I did in the 5K I ran two weeks ago, and was two seconds shy of a 5K PR – there’s something to […]

This Week in Runblogging: 4/7 to 4/13 2014


Last week seemed to herald the official arrival of Spring here in New Hampshire. Almost all of the snow has finally melted, the sun has been shining, and the trails have been muddy and wet rather than snowy and icy (great test for the Salomon Sense Pro’s that have been on my feet a lot […]

This Week in Runblogging: 3/31 to 4/6 2014


Had a great week last week! I got lots of writing done, met the beginner 5K group I’m co-coaching this Spring, and ran my first road 5K in over a year yesterday. I’d forgotten how good a hard-effort 5K race can make you feel! I finished second in my age group in the 5K and […]