Running the Relay for Life: Recap

Image via Wikipedia I honestly had no plans of running a spring marathon this year – didn’t take long for that resolution to go out the window. On Friday night, an evening that started at dusk with me running alone in heavy rain and ended with four of my students running under a bright blue […]

Running the Relay for Life to Support the American Cancer Society

Image via Wikipedia My posting (and running!) frequency has dropped considerably this week for reasons that are clear if you read my previous post on this blog. Last Friday saw the arrival of a new family member in my life, and I’ve been quite busy juggling baby duty with work, as well as putting in […]

Rick and Dick Hoyt – Inspirational Father-Son Story

My friend Josh (@bostoncardiovet) posted a link to a video compilation of Dick and Rick Hoyt competing in an Ironman Triathlon last night, and after a bit of poking around, I came across the one that I’ve posted below. If you’re not familiar with their story, Rick has cerebral palsy, and Dick, his father, has […]

The Running Nuns of St. Charles Children’s Home in Rochester, NH


Since I started this blog a year ago, I’ve met a lot of people who have done some great things through running. I’d like to use this post to highlight a particular group of women who are working hard to change the lives of troubled children for the better, and one of the ways they […]

2010 Disney Half-Marathon: Race Report from Team in Training Runner Matt Allen


A few months ago I posted about one of my running friends on Twitter, Matt Allen (@mattallenphoto), who was preparing to run the 2010 Disney Marathon with Team in Training, a fundraising group that is part of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. His goal was to raise $4000 to contribute to the efforts of the […]

Dailymile Challenge: Dashing Through December for Charity is Complete


Back in late November I decided to start a Dashing Through December challenge on Dailymile as a way to provide a bit of winter running motivation as well as do something positive for a charity whose mission I strongly support. The description I posted for this challenge on the Dailymile site is below: “After a […]

Run the NYC Half-Marathon on March 21st for the Fresh Air Fund


I received an e-mail from a representative of the Fresh Air Fund asking me to post the below opportunity to run the NYC Half-Marathon on March 21st as a Fresh-Air Fund-Racer! Here are the details courtesy of the Fresh Air Fund: The Fresh Air Fund is looking for runners and sponsors to join their Fresh […]

One Step Back, Two Steps Forward – The Benefits of Taking a Break


Image by She Who Shall Not Be Named via Flickr Thanksgiving break could not have come at a better time for me. While things have been going relatively smoothly for me at work this semester, the end of November is right about the time when both faculty (myself included) and students begin to feel burned […]

Help Matt Allen Run Against Cancer: Running the 2010 Disney Marathon for Charity

One of my running friends on Twitter, Matt Allen (@mattallenphoto), is preparing to run the 2010 Disney Marathon with Team in Training, a fundraising group that is part of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. His goal is to raise $4000 to contribute to the efforts of the LLS and their goal of eradicating blood cancers […]

ING Run For Something Better: Running the 2010 Disney Marathon to Combat Childhood Obesity


One of the flyers in my race packet from the 2009 Hartford Marathon was for a program known as the ING Run For Something Better. ING sponsors the Hartford Marathon (among others), and the Run For Something Better Program “helps fund running and fitness education programs in schools to show kids how exercise can help […]