Last week an ESPN video was circulating around the web that featured high school runner Kayla Montgomery. It's an amazing video, and the only thing I'm going to say about it is that if you haven't already, you need to watch it. You can do so below: You just finished reading Catching Kayla: Great Story via ESPN! Consider leaving a comment!Save money on running shoes - CLICK HERE to view current coupons and promotions on the Runblogger deal page! For more great running content, check out the current discussions on the Runblogger Forum. more >>
Mon, Nov 24, 2014
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Nike Terra Kiger
It hasn't been that long since I first wrote about the original Nike Zoom Terra Kiger in my June review. I was pleasantly surprised by the shoe and found it very nice for smoother trails, and even mixed runs as the shoe ran quite well on pavement. Only a short while after my review I started to see rumors that a version 2 of the Kiger was already on its way. Although I'm sure nobody from Nike read my review, it seemed they had read my mind based on what I was hearing regarding updates in version 2. Firmer midsole, more secure upper, better heel stability. Given that these were all things I had pointed out as needing improvement in the first version, I was eager to give the v2 a spin. Specs Price: $125 MSRP (one color is on sale on Running Warehouse here) Colorways: 5 colors that I've seen (Nike's site more >>
Wed, Nov 19, 2014
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Unmodified Shoe (top) and Rocker-Sole Shoe (bottom). via Gait & Posture
A little over a year ago I wrote a few posts (here and here) detailing how my wife managed to overcome pain caused by a neuroma in her right foot by running in Hoka shoes. The Hokas seemed to do the trick pretty quickly, and I've since heard anecdotes from others who seem to have benefited from using Hokas to manage pain in the forefoot while running (I should point out that there are many potential causes of forefoot pain, not just neuromas). In contrast to the above, one of the more frequently reported injuries in runners who try minimal shoes are metatarsal stress fractures (this is also largely anecdotal). I myself tend to get a generalized ache in my right forefoot when I run in Vibram Fivefingers, though this does not tend to happen in other minimal shoes. I'm a believer that different shoes modify how forces during running are applied more >>
Tue, Nov 18, 2014
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ON The Cloud Heel
I have to admit that I wasn't expecting to like these shoes. My previous experience with an ON shoe was the original Cloudracer, and my impression was that to take advantage of the cushioning provided by podded sole design you needed to land with a pronounced heel strike. Otherwise the shoes felt very firm (not necessarily a bad thing), and were too heavy for a racing shoe. They were also expensive relative to most other shoes in the racing niche. ON contacted me again this summer and asked if I'd be willing to try out a few of their newer models. They sent pairs of the ON The Cloud, and the ON Cloudsurfer. I've now put miles on both, and am going to start by reviewing the Cloud (just going to refer to it as Cloud since saying the The Cloud sounds silly…) since I prefer it over the Cloudsurfer. (Disclosure: more >>
Mon, Nov 17, 2014
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Rw Gift Cards
Quick post to announce that my advertising partner Running Warehouse is currently running their annual Gift Card Sale. If you buy a $100 gift card you'll receive a $25 gift card for free (there are a few other options as well – see below), and each individual can buy up to 6 cards. If you buy a lot of gear from RW over the course of a year, this can be a money saver. The sale runs through Friday, November 14. You can click here to go to the sale page, or simply click on the image below. You just finished reading Announcement: Running Warehouse Annual Gift Card Sale! Consider leaving a comment!Save money on running shoes - CLICK HERE to view current coupons and promotions on the Runblogger deal page! For more great running content, check out the current discussions on the Runblogger Forum. more >>
Wed, Nov 12, 2014
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Garmin 620 Screen Capture
Several months ago I wrote a post in which I discussed GPS accuracy issues I've experienced with my Garmin Forerunner 620. Though on the whole I like the watch, I still experience episodes where it seems to flip out and lose track of real-time pace and/or the correct track. This often manifests as the watch reporting a pace much slower than I actually am running for a period of time, after which it speeds up the pace to faster than I am running, seemingly in an effort to catch back up and even things out. I also still experience episodes where the watch records a track that would involve me running through backyards and houses. Yesterday I was looking at the data from a five mile run I had done on Saturday, and I noticed something unusual in the pace track. About 3/4 of the way into the run the pace more >>
Mon, Nov 10, 2014
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