Last year I posted two surveys in which Runblogger readers could vote for their top 3 road and trail shoes of the year. I received over 500 responses, and the results were quite interesting. I thought I'd do the same again this year (you can view my top choices here). All you need to do to participate is fill out one or both of the forms below – one for road shoes, the other for trail. No need to rank them in any particular order, I'm just going to tally the votes by total number rather than weighting them by ranking. One set of votes per person for each category please! I'll leave these up for a week or two and then post the results in early January. Have fun! Loading… Loading… You just finished reading Runblogger Reader Survey: Top Running Shoes of 2014! Consider leaving a comment!Save money on running shoes - CLICK more >>
Mon, Dec 22, 2014
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Putting together a list of top running shoes can be a challenge. Each year I run in a lot of great shoes, but few are 100% perfect. Furthermore, a shoe that I didn't like might be an ideal shoe for someone else, and a shoe that I loved might have been a bust for someone with a different stride, smaller/larger feet, etc. So what I do is simply pick the shoes that worked best for me among the many that I have tried during the year. This year I thought it might be helpful to put my list into context by explaining at the outset the general characteristics that work well for me in running shoes. I'm not going to break my list up into categories this year since I didn't try many trail shoes, so I'll address my preferences for training shoes, racing flats, and trail at the outset. My Preferred more >>
Thu, Dec 18, 2014
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As a shoe reviewer, I try to be as objective as possible when I write my reviews. If a shoe is great, I say so. If there are problems, I point them out. If a shoe is a total bust, I won't hold back. As I work through the list of shoes I've run in this year in preparation for writing my Best of 2014 post, I thought it might be interesting as a counterpoint to put together a short list of shoes that disappointed me this year. The shoes included here are all shoes that I have run in, or at least purchased and returned after trying them on and finding them unacceptable (and I have written about all of them). I realize people sometimes get sensitive when a favorite shoe is criticized, so please view this as my experience with the shoes given my anatomy and running style. You might more >>
Wed, Dec 17, 2014
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Road Racing Shoes
I'm not as experienced with the road scene as I am with trail and ultra running (see my top 2014 trail shoes here), but I'm really enjoying the weekly track workouts I've been doing. Since training for the Spokane Marathon this last October, I've decided to keep incorporating a couple of road days in my training throughout the winter. Consequently, I've recently been doing some experimenting with road shoes. Although my comfort with some trail brands (inov-8 in particular) has influenced my road shoe choices at this point, my picks below are the shoes I've enjoyed running in most for the amount of road running that I do. I've broken the road section up into two categories (racing and training), basically because I have way too many shoes, but also to highlight some of the distinctions I make in certain design approaches as to the shoe's end use and what I'm more >>
Tue, Dec 16, 2014
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Race Ultra Sole
Trail shoes are unfortunately viewed by many as road shoes with a little extra tread slapped on, and usually they run clunky compared to their road counterparts. While this may be true of many models, and in some ways good trail shoes are similar to good road shoes, in other ways they differ quite a bit. From my perspective I find that I want the following in a trail shoe compared to a road shoe: 1. More rubber coverage in the outsole and tread designs that are more specific to the terrain the shoe is designed for (which varies much more than what most road shoes will encounter). 2. A firmer midsole and a lower heel to toe offset (for stability on uneven terrain) than a road shoe (these factors can vary depending on the terrain and how long I need to be in the shoe). For longer outings more >>
Mon, Dec 15, 2014
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Saucony Nomad
Yesterday I posted a link to an article on Believe in the Run that featured photos of a bunch of new shoes to be released next year. I just finished reading through a similar post by Brian Metzler on, and there are a few shoes featured that were not shared on BITR. Among them is a trail shoe from Saucony (the Nomad TR pictured below) that is built on the Kinvara platform (unlike the Kinvara Trail, which was not really Kinvcara-like at all). Fans of big cushion and technical trails will also like the Hoka Speedgoat. Check out the full preview here. Saucony Nomad TR – Image via You just finished reading More 2015 Shoe Previews From! Consider leaving a comment!Save money on running shoes - CLICK HERE to view current coupons and promotions on the Runblogger deal page! For more great running content, check out the current discussions more >>
Thu, Dec 11, 2014
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