Newton Kismet
Newton made a bit of a splash this year with the release of a bunch of new shoe models built on their new 5-lug forefoot platform. If you're not familiar with Newton's lug system, it's basically a set of raised, elongated lugs under the forefoot of the shoe that are intended to help cushion the forefoot as they are compressed, and (perhaps) provide a bit of recoil to propel you forward as the lugs pop back out. I use the word perhaps because I've never had a strong sense of any recoil/propulsion from the shoes, but I have enjoyed running in them nonetheless. Newton used to use a 4-lug system, and it created a bit of instability since the lugs did not extend to the margins of the shoe (I occasionally felt like I was rolling off of them, particularly while cornering). The 5-lug system has improved stability quite a bit more >>
Tue, Oct 14, 2014
Source: Runblogger