For the past 7 months or so I have been immersed in the world of education. I've worked in two different high schools, and have attended seminars on a wide variety of education-related topics at the Upper Valley Educators Institute (and I will be a certified public school teacher in just over a month!). At the beginning of our seminar yesterday, our instructors showed a video about a unique Kindergarten in Japan. As someone who believes in the value of physical activity as a critical component of education for kids, I loved the video. And as a runner, I loved the bit at 7:48. Enjoy – full video is below! You just finished reading The Best Kindergarten Ever: Letting Kids Run in Japan! Consider leaving a comment!Save money on running shoes - CLICK HERE to view current coupons and promotions on the Runblogger deal page! For more great running content, check out the more >>
Wed, Apr 27, 2016
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Salming has really shown up in the US market over the last year, and their shoes were included in two of my top 3 lists from my best of 2015 post. The Salming Distance is one of the best riding, all-around road shoes I've run in – it's similar in application to something like a New Balance Zante, but I feel it has an even better overall package and ride (hint to those who like the Zante :)). Salming graciously offered to send me the new 2016 Speed, which they are calling the Speed 3. The Speed 3 sits right in between the Distance and Race in almost every category (stack height, weight, geometry), yet shares the same Salming characteristics that I've come to look for after running in the Distance and T1 trail shoe. More on the specifics below. Specs Price: $140.00 Weight: ~209 grams/7.4 oz mens 10 more >>
Wed, Mar 30, 2016
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The La Sportiva Crossover GTX was one of the original winter shoes with a gaiter integrated into the upper. I've had the first version of the Crossover for over 4 years now, and still use it from time to time. It was built on the original C-Lite platform and last, and offered a snug fit (maybe too snug for really cold days) with plenty of protection for hard, frozen ground. Back then, the original Saucony ProGrid Razor, which I never tried, was the only other shoe with an integrated gaiter. Next came the New Balance MT110 Winter (throwback Biker Nate Review :)), which had by far the best upper of any winter shoe w/integrated gaiter, but inexplicably had the same summer/race outsole that the regular 110 had which offered very little traction in mud and snow. I still use the 110W (and even have a more >>
Mon, Mar 28, 2016
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Hoka Speedgoat
When I first received the Hoka Speedgoat, I was pretty sure that I would never run in them. I had heard from other runners that the fit was way too narrow, and upon taking them out of the box I was rather shocked by just how narrow the toebox looked. It honestly looks like a cross-country spike upper and last on a Hoka sole. After trying them on and confirming the tight fit, I put them back in the box and they sat in my basement for a few months. (Disclosure: these shoes were provided free-of-charge by Hoka for review purposes.) After our first snowfall back at the beginning of winter (snow has been minimal this year up in NH), I decided to take a shot at running in them – it was the only trail shoe I had that I hadn't already reviewed (David Henry handles most trail shoes for more >>
Wed, Mar 09, 2016
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adidas adios Boost 3
There are very few shoes in the $120+ range that I think are worth the money. The Nike Free Flyknit 4.0 is one, and the other that jumps immediately to mind is the adidas Adios Boost. The first two iterations of the adios Boost were personal favorites (see my reviews of v1 and v2) – they were do-everything shoes that excelled from speedwork on the track, to long runs on the roads. That's probably to be expected for a shoe that graces the feet of many of the top elite marathoners in the world, but it's a shoe that works just as well over a variety of conditions for a far-from-elite runner like me. adidas was kind enough to send me a pair of the adios Boost 3 for review purposes, and I've been running in them regularly for the past few months. Like its predecessors, v3 is 10mm drop (23mm more >>
Mon, Mar 07, 2016
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Altra Lone Peak Neoshell on left and Altra Lone Peak 2.5 on right Altra is unarguably one of the brands on a very quick rise in the running world these days, especially in the trail and ultra market. I've had a long history with the Lone Peak, picking up a pair of the original Lone Peaks pretty much right at release. I ran a couple of ultras in them, but ultimately I ended up drifting away from them, only just recently coming back to trying the Lone Peak 2.5 and Neoshell (Disclosure: Altra was kind enough to send both shoes free of charge for review purposes). Traditionally, the problem I've had with Altra is that while I love the wide toebox, the midfoot and heel are just far too roomy to hold my foot adequately. The Superior 2.0 is the first of their shoes where I don't have this problem (although the more >>
Tue, Feb 16, 2016
Source: Runblogger
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  1. Need trail shoe advice…how is the Saucony Nomad TR? I currently run in the Kinvara.

  2. Hi! Landed on one of ur 2012 posts about your wife asking about the Altra Zero Drop Women’s Intuition 1.5 tonight as I was looking for just that shoe. My heart sunk cause it’s 3years later…. But here goes.. So I fell in love with them back then too, but they don’t make ’em anymore, they were the only shoe I ran injury free in – ever – and I’ve been ALL over the internet trying to dig up the last (or 5!) pair I possibly could. 1) any idea if they exist in cyberspace anywhere?? And 2) if not, have u discovered a TRUE equivalent? Anything Altra Zero Drop made after the 1.5’s are just SO different and uncomfortable. I tried pursuing this with them but never got passed an indifferent sales rep who said she’d send my inquiries up the ladder… Really don’t think she did. So sad… If u know anything at all about this shoe I am ALL ears. And grateful!

    • Not aware of any still in existence online. You might take a look at the Altra 3-Sum, probably the closest thing to the old 1.5 that they currently make. You might also take a look at some of the Topo shoes, a few might fit the bill.

  3. I am desperate for help finding anyone who can help me find he proper shoes for my gait ~ which is very “unique”. Despite professional training for help with my mechanics I still run like a duck. Years of this has messed up my back. I’ve been analyzed and told I am an overpronator .Any suggestions on shoes I might consider? I love the HOKA’s (Clifton) but think they might be wrong choice.

  4. Thanks Peter for the sizing update on the A6 – you are right- the A5’s are the perfect shoe!… and the A6 are finally coming down in price- I intend to snatch up the A6 in 1/2 size down.
    Professor Komodore
    Denver, Co

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