The Simple Joy of Being Active: Lessons Learned From Little Kids on My First Day as “Coach Pete”


Image via Wikipedia “Wow, my heart is beating really hard!” Those were the words that made this one of the best days that I have had in quite some time, and they were uttered by a 5 year old boy. Before I elaborate, let’s step back a bit for some background… A few weeks ago, […]

Interview with Mark Cucuzzella of Two Rivers Treads, a Minimalist Only Running Store in West Virginia


Over the past few months I have been corresponding via e-mail with Dr. Mark Cucuzzella on the topics of running form and running shoes. Mark has a very interesting background in that he is a family physician at Harpers Ferry Family Medicine in WV, an Associate Professor at West Virginia University School of Medicine, and […]

My Interview on Jason Fitzgerald’s Strength Running Blog


Jason Fitzgerald (Fitz) over at Strength Running recently contacted me and asked if I’d be interested in conducting an on-line interview for his blog. Fitz came up with some great questions about running shoes, injuries, and my quest to qualify for the Boston Marathon – I did my best to answer all of them, and […]

When in Doubt, Follow Your Passion

This post is going to be a bit off-topic from what I’ve been writing about of late, but it’s something that has been on my mind for awhile and I felt the need to share it. It’s not about running per se, but rather some thoughts on life and this blog that have come to […]

Shoe Preview: Saucony Peregrine Lightweight Trail Shoe


Update 6/15/2011: Just posted my own full review of the Saucony Peregrine. Just got an email from a reader (thanks Rod!) alerting me to a new lightweight trail shoe set to be released by Saucony in 2011. The Saucony Peregrine is a trail shoe that shares a number of characteristics with the red hot Saucony […]

Fall and Spring Marathon Plans: What to Do About the Shoe?


I’ve had a few people ask me about my racing plans for the Fall/Spring, so I thought I’d write a post to list my schedule, and discuss a personal dilemma that I’m facing with regard to shoe choice – yes, these are the dilemmas that keep me awake at night! Right now, I’m planning on […]