Top 3 Hybrid Trail Running Shoes of 2012


This is the last post in my “best shoes of 2012” series. I’ve previously covered the following categories: 1. Top Transitional Road Running Shoes of 2012 2. Top Barefoot-Style Road Running Shoes of 2012 3. Top Cushioned, Zero Drop Road Running Shoes of 2012 In this post I tackle trail shoes, and I’ll do so […]

Top 3 Zero Drop, Cushioned Road Running Shoes of 2012


Welcome to post number three in my top running shoes of 2012 series – this time I take on the zero drop, cushioned road shoe category. This is a category that grew in a big way this year, and is set to expand even more through the first half of 2013. Personally, I find a […]

Top Barefoot-Style Road Running Shoes of 2012


Time for post #2 in my “Best of 2012” shoes series. In this list I tackle my top barefoot-style road shoes of the year. I define barefoot-style shoes as zero drop shoes with minimal cushion between the foot and the ground. Vibram Fivefingers and Vivobarefoot pioneered this category, but these days my preferences have moved […]

Top 5 Transitional Road Running Shoes of 2012


Earlier today I posted my top 3 most disappointing running shoes of 2012 – I wanted to get the bad news out of the way first so I could proceed on to the good stuff! I’ve had the good fortune to run in a lot of fine shoes this year, and given the diversity of […]