Asics Super J33: How A Running Shoe Changes Barefoot Gait Mechanics

Runblogger Forum member Michael recently posted a video from Asics that features the Asics Super J33 running shoe. The Super J33 is kind of the stability version of the Gel Lyte33, a shoe that I like a lot. I bought the Super J33 as well for a review, but have not had a chance to […]

Neutral Running Shoes Need Not Be the Goal for All Runners: More on Pronation Control

Over the past few years I’ve written several posts on problems with the pronation control/arch height model of fitting running shoes. These include the fact that runners generally have poor knowledge of how much they pronate, that static arch height does not correlate well with dynamic arch height, and that studies have shown little benefit […]

Do Runners Really Know How Much They Pronate?

Two days ago I posted commentary on an article by podiatrist Ian Griffiths that discussed why the term “overpronation” is inaccurately applied and should be banished as a blanket criterion for assigning shoes to runners. I did quite a bit of research on this topic while writing my book, and my overwhelming conclusion was that […]

Why the Term Overpronation Should be Banished: Great Article by Podiatrist Ian Griffiths

Question: Why do you wear pronation control shoes? Answer: Because someone at a shoe store told you that you need them, and they were told that you need them by a shoe company rep. The above Q&A basically describes my feelings on the topic of overpronation. You might think that you wear such shoes because […]