Vermont City Marathon 2013 Race Report: Executing the Plan, and A Big Thank You to Mother Nature


Over the past several months I’ve documented my training in preparation for the Vermont City Marathon (VCM), which I ran last Sunday morning. Like any marathon training cycle there were a lot of ups and downs, and a number of memorable runs (some good, some bad). The story of this marathon training cycle for me […]

Marathon Training: Final Prep, and a Tough Shoe Choice


I’ll be running the Vermont City Marathon this Sunday, and I’m amazed at how calm I am given the amount of uncertainty that I’ve been experiencing lately. My past several weeks of training have included multiple lousy long runs, and I’ve had general sense of deadness in my legs that I’ve had a hard time […]

Running Destination: Woodstock, VT


My wife and I don’t often travel without our kids. In fact, the last time we went away together alone was over 5 years ago! However, now that my youngest son is old enough to not need constant parental attention, I proposed the idea of a two-night getaway to celebrate both Mother’s Day and my […]

Marathon Training: Respect the Heat


Image via I’m at the two week countdown to marathon day and my confidence heading into the race is at the lowest point that it has been this training cycle. My major goal for last week was to get in a final, solid 20+ mile training run. Well, I ran 20 miles last Tuesday, […]

Marathon Training Update: A Lesson in Perseverance From My Son


Some weeks life aligns in such a way that running becomes secondary to other, more important/essential pursuits. Such it was that what was supposed to be the final big week of this marathon training cycle aligned with my final week of classes, final exam prep, and office/lab clean-out and packing. I’m giving a final exam […]

A Post In Which I Air My Excuses for Not Running Enough this Winter


I now remember why Spring marathons have always been my nemesis. Back in early January I was full of motivation – the winter had gotten off to a relatively tame start (continuing a 2-year pattern that I expected would hold), and I was coming off of a great summer training cycle plus a Fall in […]

Running More = Running Better?


It’s been awhile since I’ve written a post about my own running, and since this is and always will be a personal blog, I thought I’d take a few moments to share something I’ve learned over the past nine months. I was listening to an NPR podcast interview with New York Times Phys Ed columnist […]

The Bad Run as an Early Warning Sign for Illness


Image via Wikipedia It’s been a busy few days here on the blog. My post from last Friday – ASICS versus Zero Drop, Maximalist versus Minimalist – sparked quite a bit of fruitful discussion, and I highly recommend you take a look at the post and the ensuing discussion in the comments (if you have […]

The Boston Marathon


On Monday morning I will be standing in a corral in Hopkinton, MA awaiting the start of the Boston Marathon. It’s difficult for me to put into words exactly how this thought makes me feel. The prospect of spending the weekend in the midst of one of the greatest running events in the world fills […]

Keeping UPS in Business, Apparently

Image via Wikipedia Like every runner, I owe a lot to my family for understanding and supporting my need and desire to both run and write about it. Even more-so in my case, I owe a great deal of thanks to my wife for putting up with the seemingly endless stream of shoes and other […]

Boston Marathon: Got My Registration In!


A few people have asked me if I got into the Boston Marathon given the registration mess that occurred. I’m happy to report that I was well prepared at 9:00 AM on registration day and did manage to get in (pending verification of my BQ time). I had suspected that it was going to fill […]

Qualifying for Boston at the Smuttynose Rockfest Marathon: My Race Report


Three and a half years ago I was overweight and out-of-shape (see picture at left) – my 190 pound body was far more comfortable sitting on the couch and watching TV than clicking off miles out on the road. Yesterday, however, after burning off about 25 pounds from my 5’10” frame (the right-hand picture to […]

Fearing the Marathon: My Feelings of Self-Doubt


Image via Wikipedia I sit here one week out from running marathon #6 suffering from a very familiar feeling of immense apprehension. Strike that, let’s call it what it is: fear. Truth be told, the marathon scares me. Don’t get me wrong, I love the race, and I love the distance, but the feelings of […]

Changing Running Form – My Journey to the Midfoot


If you’ve been following this blog for the past few months, you’re probably aware that I’ve developed a deep interest in the topic of running form, and have spent a good amount of time working to modify my own form to a shorter, quicker stride with a midfoot landing. Well, after a long process and […]

My Interview on Jason Fitzgerald’s Strength Running Blog


Jason Fitzgerald (Fitz) over at Strength Running recently contacted me and asked if I’d be interested in conducting an on-line interview for his blog. Fitz came up with some great questions about running shoes, injuries, and my quest to qualify for the Boston Marathon – I did my best to answer all of them, and […]