Barefoot Running Mechanics are Different than Running in Nike Free, Nike Lunaracer 2, Standard Shoes


Several interesting studies have come out over the past few weeks that have in one way or another focused on the running foot strike. The first that I’m going to cover is by Jason Bonacci and colleagues and addresses how running mechanics differ between barefoot running and running in a “minimalist” shoe (Nike Free 3.0), […]

5 Running Shoe Design Elements That Drive Me Nuts

English: Angry (Photo credit: Wikipedia) My preferences in running shoes are well known to those who regularly read this blog: lightweight, mid to low heel-forefoot drop, roomy toebox, etc. But, even in shoes that meet these major criteria, there are some design aspects that I encounter frequently that irritate the heck out of me. I […]

Introducing Nate Sanel – The Dirty Runner

After 4 years of managing, editing, designing, and writing Runblogger entirely on my own, I’ve decided in 2013 to enlist a bit of help. One of my limitations is that I don’t run a lot of trails (at least not yet). I hit the trails behind my house on occasion, but rarely for long distances, […]

Altra Torin: Guest Review by John Shepard


John Shepard (@runsheprun on Twitter) and I are kindred spirits in a way. We both are fathers of three kids (he writes about his on the Suburban Father Alliance blog), we both fell in love with running and footwear, and shoes have become a second career of sorts for both of us. For me it […]

Brooks Drift, Mizuno Evo Levitas, Mizuno Evo Cursoris: Comparative Review by Fred Brossard


Guest review by Fred Brossard: Fred Brossard is a French expert on minimalist running. He is the co-author of the book “Barefoot, Minimalism, Natural Running” (Ed Amphora) and is a freelance writer and gear reviewer for The French representatives for both Mizuno and Brooks Running recently gave me the chance to be the first […]

2013 Minimalist Running Shoe Preview: Eye Candy for Shoe Geeks!


I’ve been asked a number of times recently about which of the shoes that are coming out in 2013 I’m most excited about. To be honest, there are a ton! After a fairly stagnant Fall with few exciting new shoes released, we are about to get hit by a wave of new minimalist spectrum footwear […]

Top 3 Hybrid Trail Running Shoes of 2012


This is the last post in my “best shoes of 2012” series. I’ve previously covered the following categories: 1. Top Transitional Road Running Shoes of 2012 2. Top Barefoot-Style Road Running Shoes of 2012 3. Top Cushioned, Zero Drop Road Running Shoes of 2012 In this post I tackle trail shoes, and I’ll do so […]