Recommended Zero Drop, Barefoot-Style, and Transitional Road and Trail Running Shoes: Runblogger’s Virtual Shoe Wall


I’ve often thought to myself “if I opened a shoe store, which shoes would I definitely want on my wall?” It’s an interesting question to think about for a shoe geek like me! My personal approach would be to provide a spectrum of shoe options, and yes, possibly even a few traditional models (even though […]

Adidas Shoe Sale: 20% Off All Running Shoes from 9/7/2012-9/14/2012


I generally don’t write full posts about shoe sales (not sure how I feel about doing this more often – is it helpful to be alerted of these things?), but I got an email from adidas today indicating that they would be running a 20% off sale from September 7 to September 14. This discount […]

My Miracle Weight Loss Program – Body by Writing!


As a health and fitness blogger, I feel as though I should by now have at least one post discussing a surefire way to lose weight – after all, nothing drives traffic quite like the prospect of a trim figure! As such, I thought I’d share my miracle weight loss program with you in hope […]

Skechers GoBionic Now Available, and a 5-Pair Giveaway!


About six months ago I wrote a very positive review of the Skechers Go Bionic running shoe. My friend Nate (of the BikerNate blog – view his Go Bionic review here) and I had been working with Skechers for several months as independent wear testers to refine the shoe prior to final production, and the […]

My Unexpected Connection to The Kip Litton Marathon Fraud Story


I just read a fascinating article in the New Yorker about a guy who has supposedly made a living out of cheating his way to sub-3:00 finishes in marathons around the country. Apparently Kip Litton has a habit of mysteriously finishing near the top of his age group in races despite other runners of similar […]

Altra Superior Trail Running Shoe Preview


I just came across a preview video for the Altra Superior, which will be the second trail running shoe in Altra’s lineup alongside the Lone Peak. Based on the information provided in the video, the Superior weighs in a few ounces less than the Lone Peak, has a zero drop sole (19mm stack height according […]