Personal Thoughts on Diet, Exercise, and Weight Control


Image via Wikipedia In my previous post I shared a press release reporting the results of the 2011 F as in Fat report on rates of obesity in America. In a nutshell, the trends are depressing, and a lot of great thoughts were posted in the comments section, many of which I agreed with strongly. […]

Americans Are Fat and Getting Fatter: The Depressing Details of the 2011 “F as in Fat” Report


Image via Wikipedia I spend a lot of time writing about topics like running shoes and running form here on Runblogger. Ultimately, though I enjoy the scientific debate involved when discussing research, as well as the fun I get to have when testing out new shoes, my primary motivator for writing this site is a […]

Running Form in Recreational 5K Runners: Slow Motion Video


In my previous post I shared some slow motion video of runners from the 2010 Boston Marathon, highlighting a bit of the variation that can be seen among fairly high level marathon runners. In this post I wanted to share similar video from a recreational level 5K race. These videos were all shot at roughly […]

Running Form at the 2010 Boston Marathon: Slow Motion Video of Barefoot, Minimalist, and Traditionally Shod Runners at sub-3:00 Pace


Earlier today I was going through some video I have from the 2010 Boston Marathon with a goal of finding a clip of a barefoot runner (I knew I had one, but hadn’t put in the effort to sift through long stretches of video to find him). After a bit of searching, I found the […]

New Balance introduces their Zero Drop Minimus Lineup for 2012

Update 7/11/2011: New Balance contacted me and asked me to take down the photographs that I had posted – apparently somebody in the company jumped the gun by releasing the video early (they asked Frunning to remove the video as well). Should have more info in August – stay tuned! A twitter friend (thanks @glin23!) […]

Abebe Bikila: The Man, The Legend, The Heel Striker???


In the comments following my recent post about foot strike patterns of runners from the days before the modern running shoe, somebody asked if I had any video of Abebe Bikila’s stride. After a bit of searching on YouTube, I came across the following clip – jump to the 1:15 mark and you get a […]