New Balance Minimus Trail Zero (MT00) Review

While in general I’m highly supportive of the trend toward lighter and less supportive shoes, I believe that there are certain situations where it is desirable to have a bit of protection underfoot. I learned this lesson when I ran the HAT Run 50K in 2010 in the New Balance Minimus MT10. I was crossing […]

New Balance Minimus Road Zero (MR00) Review

As I’ve slowly been building my mileage back up after a long period of low volume running, I’ve found myself way behind in writing up shoe reviews. One of the shoes that I’ve had for quite some time now is the New Balance Minimus Road Zero (MROO). I’m not sure exactly how many miles I’ve […]

New Balance 730 Update: 25 Solid Miles of Running

I thought I’d  drag my self from the depths of final book editing to give a quick update on my experience with the New Balance 730 running shoe. A few weeks back I wrote a post describing the New Balance 730 in detail, but at the time I had yet to run in them. I’ve […]

New Balance 730 Preview: A Minimalist Running Shoe that Has Flown in Under the Radar!

A few weeks ago I got an email from a reader asking if I had seen or tried the New Balance 730 (thanks for the heads up Robert!). He indicated that it was for sale at Finish Line, and that it felt very low drop and had a super wide toebox. Needless to say I […]

New Balance Minimus Multi-Sport MO10 Review

The New Balance Minimus Multi-Sport (MO10) is not so much a new shoe as it is a variant of the New Balance Minimus Trail MT10. As such, this review will not be comprehensive, and you can read my original NB MT10 review if you’d like more detail on how the shoe performs all around (disclosure: […]

New Balance MT110 Trail Running Shoe Review by Nate Sanel

Nate Sanel is a fellow NH runner, and quite possibly a bigger shoe geek than I am. He also has quite the running resume – over the past few months he’s completed three 100 mile races, with more to come. So far, his list of finishes this summer includes Western States, the VT 100, and […]

Review of New Balance MT101 Trail Running Shoes

If I had to total the number of hours that I’ve spent wearing each of the running shoes in my collection over the past 6 months, I’m pretty sure that the New Balance MT101 would come out on top by a fairly wide margin (note: this shoe was a personal purchase). The reason is quite […]

New Balance Minimus Trail (MT10): How I Chose My 50K Ultramarathon Shoe

Last Saturday I ran my first Ultramarathon – the HAT Run 50K in Susquehana State Park, MD. In the comments following my race report, a few people asked me how I came to choose the New Balance Minimus Trail as my race shoe, particularly given my somewhat tumultuous history with it. This post is a […]

New Balance Minimus Trail (MT10): Shoe Surgery to Free My Forefoot

A few months ago I wrote a post detailing how my glowingly positive initial thoughts about the New Balance Minimus Trail shoe had been tempered by two consecutive runs in them during which I suffered some nasty iliotibial band (ITB) pain. They were the only two runs I can recall in the past several years […]

When Shoes Attack (Me): ITB Pain Caused by the New Balance Minimus Trail?

Image via Wikipedia Today I ran 10.3 miles in my Saucony Kinvaras and it did not hurt – in fact, it was one of the best runs I’ve had since I ran the Manchester City Marathon in early November. This statement in and of itself may not seem all that significant – I run a […]

New Balance Minimus Trail: First Look Review

A few days ago I put up a first look review of the much anticipated New Balance Minimus Road shoe. Well, the next day the UPS man stopped by again, this time with a box containing Minimus shoe #2, the New Balance Minimus Trail (disclosure – this was a media sample and was provided free […]

New Balance Minimus Road: First Run and More Pictures

New shoes are bad for me – I simply can’t resist running in them. This contributed to my trouble last weekend at the Manchester City Marathon as I ran the race in the Saucony Grid Type A4 flats – it was only my third run in them, and they were too little shoe for my […]