Marathon Shoes: Choosing My Shoe for Fall Marathon Two


My initial plan for my second marathon this Fall (Manchester City in NH) was to try to run it in the Vibram Fivefingers Bikila. However, I have come to the somewhat disappointing realization that I just didn’t have enough time in between marathons (5 weeks) to gradually build mileage back up to the point where […]

Nike Free Run+ Review: Nice Transitional Minimalist Running Shoe, but Not Barefoot-Like


This review is long overdue, but it’s one that I have long felt compelled to write. When Nike first announced the release of the newest member of it’s Free line of more minimalist running shoes, the Nike Free Run+, I was highly critical of their marketing approach. Some took this as me attacking a shoe […]

The Variable Running Footstrike: Pictures of Heel, Midfoot, and Forefoot Strikes


Over the past year I have written quite frequently on the topic of footstrike in running. Simply defined, footstrike represents the moment of initial contact of the foot with the ground, and individual footstrikes are typically categorized in the scientific literature (e.g., Hasegawa, 2007) in one of three ways : 1. rear-foot or heel strike, […]

Repetitive Overuse Injuries in Runners: Causes and Prevention Strategies


Image via Wikipedia “Overuse injuries of the musculoskeletal system generally occur when a structure is exposed to a large number of repetitive forces, each below the acute threshold of a structure, producing a combined fatigue effect over a period of time beyond the capabilities of the specific structure.” Hreljac et al. (2000) The question of […]

Boston Marathon: Got My Registration In!


A few people have asked me if I got into the Boston Marathon given the registration mess that occurred. I’m happy to report that I was well prepared at 9:00 AM on registration day and did manage to get in (pending verification of my BQ time). I had suspected that it was going to fill […]

New Balance Minimus: High Resolution Photos


New Balance took the next step in their slow buildup to the release of their Minimus line of shoes yesterday by posting high resolution images of each shoe in the lineup (the NB Minimus Trail, Road, and Walking/Wellness). The marketing approach they are taking with these shoes is unlike anything I have seen before, which […]

New Balance Minimus Trail Shoe – New Pictures

Saucony Kinvara as a Marathon Shoe: Review on the dailymile Blog


As I reported last week here on Runblogger, I wore the Saucony Kinvara during my BQ race at the Smuttynose Rockfest Marathon. A few people have asked for more detail on how the shoe performed during the race, so I arranged a post by me and a few friends over on the dailymile Community Blog […]

Running Podcast Recommendation: Geeks in Running Shoes


When it comes to running podcasts, I’m more of a pick-and-choose based on topic kind of listener rather than a devotee of a particular show. Lately, however, one show has caught my interest, and I faithfully look forward to listening to the new release each and every week (I think I’ve listened to almost every […]

Review: GoLite Amp Lite Trail Running and Light Hiking Shoe


A few months ago I wrote a post describing a new line of shoes being developed by GoLite footwear. The line from GoLite Footwear features what they call “Baretech technology,” which among other things includes the fact that they have a more anatomical last (the shape of the shoe better matches the foot) and are […]

Review: Hydrapak Softflask Energy Gel Flask


One of the pieces of equipment that I carried with me during the Smuttynose Rockfest Marathon last week was a cool little energy flask made by a company called Hydrapak. Hydrapak makes some innovative stuff, focusing mainly on fueling, hydration systems, and packs, and I previously reviewed their GelBot water/gel bottle combo here on Runblogger. […]

Ultras, Sherpa John, and the Run Across New Hampshire


My two big running goals heading into is year were to qualify for the Boston Marathon and to run an ultramarathon. I managed to check off the former last Sunday (race report can be found here), and the latter should be met next March at the HAT Run 50k in Susquehanna, Maryland. Given this, I […]

Qualifying for Boston at the Smuttynose Rockfest Marathon: My Race Report


Three and a half years ago I was overweight and out-of-shape (see picture at left) – my 190 pound body was far more comfortable sitting on the couch and watching TV than clicking off miles out on the road. Yesterday, however, after burning off about 25 pounds from my 5’10” frame (the right-hand picture to […]

My Hampton Smuttynose Rockfest Marathon Result

BQ 3:15:21 Couldn’t Be Happier!!! Thanks to Everyone for Your Support! Full report coming soon.

New Balance MT101 Trail Shoe Available at Running Warehouse


Just got notification last night that the much anticipated New Balance MT101 trail shoe is now in stock at Running Warehouse (price = $67.50, 2nd day free shipping, plus an additional 10% off if purchased through Runblogger). The MT101 is the successor to the popular MT100, and is one of the lighter trail shoes currently […]