Going Ultra: HAT Run 50K Coming Right Up!

This winter has been very hard on my running. From late December to just this past week, the sidewalks and roadsides near my house in NH have been largely covered by ice and crusty snow, and running has been difficult to say the least. Even worse, the nasty conditions underfoot have made it almost impossible […]

Chi Running Survey: Request from Mark Cucuzzella and Danny Dreyer

My friend Mark Cucuzzella is conducting a survey about Chi Running in conjunction with Chi Running founder Danny Dreyer. I had the opportunity to meet Danny at the recent running injury conference I attended in Shepherdstown, WV, and was able to participate in a short, one hour Chi Running workshop with him. I was impressed […]

Attending a Running Injury Conference in Sheperdstown, WV

Why runners get hurt is a question that occupies my mind almost constantly. It’s amazing that so simple an activity can cause so many problems for so many people – for example, the scientific literature reports injury rates ranging from about 20-75% of runners in studies that have been conducted to date. In my quest […]

Vibram Fivefingers Success Story: Robert K.’s Experience in Toe Shoes

Image via Wikipedia The January 9th issue of the Boston Globe featured an article by David Abel recounting his story of running into a stress fracture in his Vibram Fivefingers. David’s story is certainly not unique as I have read reports of a number of cases of this happening. However, I have also received numerous […]

Stories of Success Running in Vibram Fivefingers: Sgt. R. and Bob H.

A few weeks ago I posted a testimonial from reader Bob C. about his experience transitioning into minimalist running shoes. Bob managed to eliminate some nagging pain by changing his shoes and form, but also suffered a stress fracture in the process that he attributes to doing too much too soon. Bob’s was just one […]

Forefoot Width in Running Shoes: Toebox Measurements from My Shoe Collection

I get a reasonable number of questions about width when it comes to running shoes, particularly the width of the toebox. Personally, I like a toebox to be roomy, and despite my fairly average width foot, there are shoes that I’ve purchased that I have had to return since I could barely squeeze into them […]

Merry Christmas to All from the Runblogger Family!

Just a quick note to wish everybody a happy holiday season, and to thank you all for a great year! Looking forward to another fun and exciting year in 2010! My kids helped me make a little Christmas card…

Saucony Hattori Zero-Drop Wear Testers Wanted

Last week I put up a short post about a new minimalist shoe that Saucony currently has in development. The Saucony Hattori is a 4.4 oz, zero-heel-lift shoe that represents one of the first forays by one of the big shoe manufacturers into the zero-drop market. Shortly after publishing my post, I received an email […]

Help a Running Researcher – Fill Out Jay Dicharry’s Barefoot Running Survey

Jay Dicharry of the SPEED Clinic at the Center for Endurance Sport, University of Virginia is conducting a survey of barefoot runners and is looking for your help. If you run barefoot as a regular part of your training (doesn’t have to be 100%, or even most of your miles), please consider following this link […]

A Quick Word of Thanks on Thanksgiving Day

Image via Wikipedia On a holiday where we here in the United States stop to say thank you for all of the good things that life brings us, I wanted to take a quick moment to thank all of you who read my often lengthy ramblings here on Runblogger. Your comments, emails and support are […]