Vermont City Marathon Rematch is On

I’ve been debating heavily for the past month or so about whether or not to follow through with my plan to run a spring marathon. Mostly, my hesitation stemmed from the feeling that I’m not yet at a fitness level to handle the training needed to run one. However, writing the series of blog posts […]

Why I Run: The Story of How I Became a Runner

The following 3-part post recounts the story of how an out-of-shape college professor (me circa May 2007) became a runner, and how a personal tragedy motivated me to challenge and survive my first marathon. Part I: Becoming a Runner If you ask a distance runner like myself why it is that we run, most of […]

Race Report: Disney’s Royal Family 5k

Image by caniswolfie via Flickr As I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, it has been difficult to stick to my running schedule this winter. The combination of snow, ice, cold, and a busy work schedule have conspired to limit my ability to get outside, and just when I thought I was back on track with […]

A Winter Treat

As I mentioned in an earlier post, this New Hampshire winter has been has been a tough one. Although snowstorms have not been frequent, we have had a few whoppers that have dropped significant accumulation. This has also been one of the colder winters I have experienced up here, and the snow that has fallen […]

Woe of a Winter Runner

My motivation for starting a blog is that the New Hampshire winter has destroyed my fitness. Well, maybe not destroyed, but it has at least put a pretty big dent into it. Now, this is not unusual for those of us living in the colder states – sluggishness is a way of life for about […]