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  • Shoe Review – Hoka Huaka
    Hoka always has funny names for their shoe models.  This new one is no exception.  It is not pronounced "Who-A-Ka", but rather "Waaka".  So lets just get this out of the way right now:Photo Credit - Muppet.Wikia.comWaaka Waaka Waaka!!!  There.  You were all thinking it, now I've just said it. ... read more
    Source: Biker Nate | Published on 2014-08-02
  • How to Balance Being a Mother, Working Full-Time and Running Your Best: An Interview With Carrie Dimoff
    Interviews with elite runners are great, but they can be difficult to relate to. Of course you’d do all the strength work, get more sleep, and run more miles if you had the time. So let’s talk to someone who shares a lot of the same struggles you do –... read more
    Source: Runner’s Connect | Published on 1970-01-01
  • From Elite Runner to Top-Level Race Director: An Interview With Olympian Don Kardong
    At the 1976 Olympic Marathon in Montreal, American runner Don Kardong used a patient and disciplined strategy to finish in fourth place, losing out on a bronze medal by a mere 3 seconds. However, Don’s future in running was influenced much more by a race he ran and won just... read more
    Source: Runner’s Connect | Published on 1970-01-01
  • How to Bounce Back After an Injury: Interview With Neely Spence Gracey
    Many, many runners have been at a point where they feel that they just can’t catch a break. An injury happens, heals, and then something else goes wrong. And so on…and so on…and so on. Neely Spence Gracey has experienced her fair share of that cycle. After never having suffered... read more
    Source: Runner’s Connect | Published on 1970-01-01
  • Want to win a sprint in the Tour de France? – here’s what it takes
    Power-to-weight ratio is all the buzz in cycling. Its been observed that certain “essential” numbers allow you to ride with a specific caliber of rider. For example, we’ve seen that top riders in the GC produce around 6.0 watts/kilo for sustained efforts of around 30 min. Well, Sprints are different.... read more
    Source: An Athlete’s Body | Published on 2014-07-15
  • Innovations in Weight Training and Speed Work When Training for the Marathon: An Interview With Steve Spence
    In 1991 at the World Track and Field Championships, the men’s marathon was held in sweltering conditions, described as the worst ever reported for championship marathon. Steve Spence was able to handle it better than almost everyone – thanks to his innovative training – earning himself a bronze medal. Steve... read more
    Source: Runner’s Connect | Published on 1970-01-01
  • New Balance MT110v2 shoe review
    Regular readers of this blog will know that I have had a love affair with the original NB MT110.  It was one of the most anticipated trail shoe and in most ways it didn't dissapoint.  It was an industry leader for a lightweight trail shoe and it is common knowledge... read more
    Source: Biker Nate | Published on 2014-07-04
  • The North Face S/S’14 Running Gear Review
    Wearing my TNF gear, yo. Introduction As much as I love reviewing shoes, I really like reviewing running apparel. You can have the most amazing shoes on your feet when you go out for a run, but if the apparel doesn’t feel right it can still make for a pretty... read more
    Source: Vagabond Running | Published on 2014-07-01
  • Skora Running Sale
    Quick reminder, folks! From June 25 to June 30, get 25% OFF all Skora Running shoes! Free shipping on orders over $90 + Bonus FREE Gift Card Offer. Click here for more details:  These are the shoes I've been running and racing in lately. I've put a lot of miles on the... read more
    Source: Vagabond Running | Published on 2014-06-29
  • Have 4 minutes? I tell Running Times how to improve your balance quick
    Balance is not static, its dynamic. And its best done in small doses throughout the day. And if you want a simple exercise that you can even do at work while you aren’t paying attention to your conference call, check out what I told Running Times here.  ... read more
    Source: An Athlete’s Body | Published on 2014-06-27
  • Swimming Tips? there’s more to it than just more yards
    Swimmers are fit. But so are other athletes. So why is it so hard for non-swimmers to be come proficient swimmers? Water is 10 times more dense than air. And moving through it efficiently requires finesse and excellent body position. Check out 7 Great tips for Swimmers from Men’s Health.... read more
    Source: An Athlete’s Body | Published on 2014-06-26
  • The Atlantic: Why aren’t running shoes preventing running injuries?
    Simple: there are lots of good shoes out there, and lot of them have a purpose….or rather a reason to be there.   But let’s be clear. Shoes don’t run. Runners run. And shoes are just part of the equipment that runners use to achieve their goal. The industry has... read more
    Source: An Athlete’s Body | Published on 2014-06-26
  • Newton Gravity III Review
    Pic courtesy of Intro- We here at Vagabond are really big fans of Newton Shoes (see our review of the BoCo AT, MV3 and Energy NR). While we are generally skeptical when it comes to new shoe technology, The Newton line up is one we've come to really believe... read more
    Source: Vagabond Running | Published on 2014-06-26
  • Altra Olympus Shoe Review
    Altra OlympusAt the end of my last post I listed a few shoes that I need to review and asked if anybody had a preference for which I should do first.  It was a tie between the Altra Olympus and the New Balance MT110V2.  So here is the first of... read more
    Source: Biker Nate | Published on 2014-06-18
  • Mizuno Wave Rider 17 Review
    Pic from The Wave Rider is Mizuno's flagship model. The Mizuno Wave Rider 17 is most traditional road trainer we at Vagabond Running Blog have reviewed. Even though we generally prefer shoes on the more minimal end of the spectrum we were very excited when Mizuno provided these shoes... read more
    Source: Vagabond Running | Published on 2014-06-07
  • Volans 2, in a League of Its Own
    About four weeks ago, I got a call from Asep Hadian, the product manager at League, a local (Indonesia) shoe manufacturer. Asep asked if I'd be interested to get a pair of their latest model, the Volans 2 and write a review. My response was "if I can write what... read more
    Source: balpil | Published on 2014-06-06
  • Men’s Health Top 5 Shoe Myths Debunked
    Men’s Health came asking about the top 5 shoe myths, and I tried to help. Check out the story here... read more
    Source: An Athlete’s Body | Published on 2014-06-06
  • Review: Block Island Organics Sunscreen
    I received an email from the co-founder of a startup company, Block Island Organics, about their products and agreed to review their sunscreen. I have a pretty high sweat rate, which has led to plenty of painful (in the eyes) or terrible tasting (in the mouth) situations when I have... read more
    Source: Coach Caleb | Published on 2014-06-05
  • Doing What I Can Now, To Do What I Love Later
    I just finished a lovely run in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin next to Lake Michigan for National Running Day. It wasn't an easy run, but it wasn't too difficult either. I'm back on the training saddle guided by my coach, Caleb Masland of Team Wicked Bonkproof, after a 2.5 month hiatus to... read more
    Source: Vagabond Running | Published on 2014-06-04
  • Trans-Zion and Peak 200 race report. A recap of May’s activities.
    Well, May has come and gone and I've just realized that I didn't post even once!  Rather than write individual posts about everything, I thought it might be nice just to do a little recap.  First, the stats.Total miles ran - 365.3Hours running - 71:58 (no wonder I haven't had... read more
    Source: Biker Nate | Published on 2014-06-03