Race Report: Belmont 10 Mile Road Race

View Larger Map After two years of running, I can finally say that I ran a race conservatively and with some degree of intelligence. Normally, I squeeze out every last bit of energy in races, finishing with a desire to do nothing but collapse on the ground. I have a problem when it comes to […]

Race Report: Run 4 Rusty 4-Miler (Concord, NH)

It’s not often that you get to run a race on one of your standard training routes, and it was with some excitement that I realized a few weeks ago that I would get to have that very opportunity. A new race in my hometown of Concord, the Run 4 Rusty 4-Miler, took place this […]

Race Report: Vermont City Marathon, Round 2

I decided somewhat late in the game to commit to running a spring marathon this year (March 22 to be exact – see this blog post). My training had only started about four weeks earlier, and I was having a hard time getting runs in between work and family commitments. However, I had personal, family-related […]

My Road Racing Results: 2007-2008

Below is a log of my results from races that I’ve run in my first 1 1/2 years as a serious runner. I compiled this list on Athlinks.com, which is a neat little site that allows you to compare your performance with others who run the same races as you. You can submit the info […]

Why I Run: The Story of How I Became a Runner

The following 3-part post recounts the story of how an out-of-shape college professor (me circa May 2007) became a runner, and how a personal tragedy motivated me to challenge and survive my first marathon. Part I: Becoming a Runner If you ask a distance runner like myself why it is that we run, most of […]

Race Report: Disney’s Royal Family 5k

Image by caniswolfie via Flickr As I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, it has been difficult to stick to my running schedule this winter. The combination of snow, ice, cold, and a busy work schedule have conspired to limit my ability to get outside, and just when I thought I was back on track with […]