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  • If you've liked running in performance shoes before, and you like running in it, it's a performance shoe.
  • Cool Heather.  I will have to drop by Gander Mtn. and see if they have any to try on.  I never have found a trail shoe I really love.  I thought the PI M2 was working, but I kept getting really bad end of toe (mortons) blood blisters.  And it was no…
  • Merrell All Out Fuse maybe.  I've not tried any of the All Out's on yet.  The Mix Master was not all that wide in the forefoot though.  New Balance MT10 v2 could work as well.
  • I've seen people doing lifts in the gym wearing springblade's.  Shake my head.
  • Laeuferin, I can't think of anything that really closely matches the GS.  7-8 ounces, a soft sole, 8-9mm drop, full contact sole, no stability elements or dual density foam. Maybe a Montrail FluidFlex? Ironically the NB 980 you mentioned have a simi…
  • I know those GS started off with a much softer sole than the PI, but with what's left of them after running across the United States twice, perhaps not any more LOL!
  • I just got a pair of the NB980 Fresh Foam, and they sound right up your ally.  The cushion is great, they are light enough to not feel clunky, and there is adequate support for a marathon through foam geometry instead of a medial shank or higher den…