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  • I have a size 13 in almost everything, including the Hoka Stinson Evo which fits snugly in the forefoot. My size 13 Altra Olympus fits me basically perfectly. I love them. 
  • Skechers GoBionic Trail is a nice lightweight, low drop trail shoe with a wide toebox. It doesn't have aggressive tread and no rock plate, but I was able to run a 50 miler in them on some rocky fire roads. You can also get them for about $60 on amaz…
  • I wear a size 13 in almost everything. I have GoRun 2 and GoBionic Trail, but got a pair of Go Run Ultras in a 13 and they were HUGE. I sent them back, but never tried to get a 12. I would definitely go a half size down.
  • I love the Skechers GoBionic Trail. They have plenty of room in the toe box. The only issue is that they don't have a rock plate so if you are running over rocky terrain you're going to have to toughen your feet up.
  • I ran in the first 3 iterations of the Kinvara and recently bought a pair of GoRun 2s. For me, the fit of the GoRun is far superior to the Kinvara with what feels like a wider toe box and stretchier upper material. The first handful of runs in it, I…
  • I will add that the one of the benefits of the Nathan bottles that I have seen is that the pock is large enough to fit a smartphone in while the Amphipod does not. This is beneficial from a safety standpoint as well as allowing you to carry a camera…
  • I haven't run in the Instinct, so I can't compare, but I find that my Torin has a spacious toe box and I don't have any rubbing on my pinky toe. This has been a problem for me in shoes like the Kinvara, so I was happy about it. I also have the same …
  • I used to run up to 10 miles without water but now I find myself drinking my entire 20 oz water bottle on a 6 mile jaunt. I love my Amphipod handheld.
  • If you can afford them, try the Hoka One One Bondi. The toe box isn't huge, but it is a great recovery shoe with a little drop. 
  • Have you guys with the FR10 have any problems connecting it to Dailymile? My girlfriend's watch keeps saying that there are no workouts found when she tries to sync it.
  • I too felt constrained by the Kinvara. I tried on a GoRun 2 at an expo and it felt great, but I haven't run in them. A relatively cheap alternative I've run in are the New Balance 730s. They probably have a little less padding than the Kinvara, but …
  • My first run went well. I just took them on some dirt roads, so nothing fancy. I intentionally stepped on a bunch of rock and they just absorbed them. They ride a little low on the ankle which makes them move around a little on my foot, but I think …
  • I have a pair of Altra Torins coming in the mail today for the same reason that you stated above. I will let you know how they perform. For my last 50k I ran in MT110s. I also got a pair of Hoka One One Stinsons last week, but they are too narrow an…
  • I prefer my Vibram Bikilas. I love the full ground feel, but have transitioned out of wearing them all the time.
  • I am in the same boat of wearing mostly 4mm drop shoes. I think most of the reason is that they are more readily available and have more variety than 0 drop shoes. I love my New Balance MT110s (my newest shoe) but if they were available in a zero dr…
  • I'll play this game. It never hurts to have another set of eyes on your training.
  • Up until I got a pair of New Balance 730s, my indicator that it was time to retire a pair of shoes was that my pinky toe would rip through the upper. With these, I have no wear above the toe. Now, after wearing Fiverfingers and wide-toeboxed shoes r…
  • I'm up to 300 miles in one pair of 730s and have about 100 in a second. There is still plenty of tread on them and to me they get more comfortable after 100 miles. As far as your original question is concerned, from what I can tell from other poster…
  • They have them in stock at