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  • Nope, not Boulder. It was the Rockaway Marathon in NY. Didn't get much of an explanation from the organizers, just that there were 'circumstances beyond their control'. Getting a refund at least, and free entry in one of their 5ks (which I probably …
  • So I ordered the Kinvara 5 yesterday because I'm really skeptical I'll be able to wear the 4s for a whole marathon, and I knew I'd be getting the 5s sooner or later. Of course, I also got an email yesterday that my fall marathon has been cancelled, …
  • So I've run a few times in the Kinvara 4s, the longest being a 7-mile tempo run at marathon pace. The toe box is definitely snug, but hasn't been much of an issue. At marathon pace especially I barely notice it. That said, I'll be happy to have the …
  • Are you allowed to wear a vest or pack in the Chicago Marathon? They were banned in NY last year, from what I remember.
  • Thanks. I wear a 7.5, which is also hard to come by. I basically can't buy running shoes at running stores.
  • Thanks, Pete. I tried some shoes on this weekend (not the Kinvara 5, unfortunately), and didn't really like the PureFlow 3 either. I found the Kinvara 4 in my size on and picked them up. I know lots of people didn't like the toe box and ther…
  • I haven't had any breathability issues either. They're definitely soft. The midsole has deep creases under the arch of my foot already.
  • Thanks for the suggestions. I'm skeptical about the PureConnect too, but want to try them on at least. I was all set to go with the GoRun 3, but can't find them on my size. They even disappeared from the Skechers site in the past few days. I know Pe…
  • I've put about 130 miles on my BA Ultras now and, unfortunately, while I love the feel of them, they haven't held up. The midsole material seems to have lost its resiliency already. I didn't expect to get as many miles out of them as the regular BAs…
  • I can see light passing through the mesh when looking inside the shoe, if that's what you mean? Breathability seems comparable to the regular BA.
  • Yes, the sizing is the same. I go down a half size for Merrells too.
  • I just got the Bare Access Ultra and love them. I've only done two runs in them (4 miles and 13 miles), but they've been great. I usually run in the BA3s, and the Ultras are softer and more responsive. They are a bit "taller" (12 mm of midsole foam …
  • I'd stick with the Kinvara or Mirage if it works for you. Just increase your mileage slowly (10-20%) per week and you shouldn't have much of a problem. At 300+ miles, your Kinvaras might be worn out, which could explain the soreness.
  • I agree completely. I did a long run in the new BA3s yesterday and my feet felt pretty beat up, but the same long run in my old BA2s last week felt fine. I've run a half marathon in them before, but I'm planning to try them in a full marathon this s…
    in Bare Access 3 Comment by Dan February 9
  • Thanks. It's been fine so far. Up to running 6 miles in them with no problem.
  • Thanks, Bryan. I'm going to push it a little bit, but hold back if I feel anything weird. I did about 3 miles in them earlier this week and felt good apart from some soreness in my calves afterwards, but that's to be expected. 
  • Fatboy is right about the Yaktrax. I mainly use them after a fresh snow when there will be minimal exposed asphalt. But the Pro model that I have doesn't have spikes, (it just uses coiled metal), so there's no worry of damaging spikes on the road, a…
  • You might want to try using these with your regular shoes: I have a different pair (the Pro) and they work pretty good on snow and ice.
  • Controlling for factors like form, a heavier runner is going to put more stress on shoes than a lighter one. I've read that losing weight does contribute to faster race times, but I'm not sure if it that could be applied to a person that is just nat…
  • I saw a video online from a shoe expo where a Merrell rep said that the big difference is that they're using a more breathable mesh for the upper. He also mentioned that the BAs are popular among the crossfit crowd, so maybe the toecap is to make it…