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  • Nice write-up. The "Wave plate" in the Universe isn't a wave plate at all...just a piece of midsole foam colored a different color and cut to look like a wave. If you push into it with your fingernail, you'll see that all it is is the same material …
  • Stefan, just a quick note on stack heights: the numbers are only part of the story. For example, comparing the PureDrift versus the SKORA Form, the PureDrift is supposedly 18/14 (though as we've mentioned in the PureDrift topic, the differential may…
  • Good to know, thanks! How are you doing with it with the Cadence insole? That fix the blister problem?
  • I have 60+ miles on these now, so I've got a full review done. Not sure what your policy on other people linking off your board is, Pete, so delete away if you don't want this here, but I figured it's easier than copy pasting a huge wall of text + i…
  • Mine have an indentation too, but I just assumed that was a function of them having a really wide toebox and my cinching down the laces fairly tight. Doesn't seem to affect anything other than aesthetics for me. They seem comfortable thus l…
  • It's always appeared to me that the advantage of shoes over barefoot is the ability to put in a higher training volume (and also a higher volume of quality work, in keeping with appropriate quality:easy mileage ratios) with shoes, whether that's due…