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  • Becky,A book that changed things for me is Run Less, Run Faster.  You run 3 quality runs a week, typically a tempo run, speed work, and a long run with 2 cross training sessions during the week and 2 rest days.  I have not been injured since reading…
  • Thanks for the responses, Here is what I am going with.  I have bought two Hydrapak soft flasks, they are easy to carry and I can put one in my Spibelt and carry the other one.  I will be using water from the aid stations and also be taking electrol…
  • In Detroit it just says no backpacks, it doesn't say anything about vests.  
  • I should clarify, I am just looking for other ways to carry the Perpetuem.  I do not like the solids, I have mixed the Perpetuem up so its like a gel and that works well for me.  So far I have carried it in Hammer Nutritions small gel flasks that fi…
  • I really like the 5, it's the best one I have worn. If you are looking for something new have you thought about Skechers?
  • Thanks Pete, I appreciate the feedback.  After reading your review of the Kinvara 5 I may have to add that to the mix of shoes I am thinking about
  • So I am debating between the GoRun3 and the GoBionic 2, I currently have a pair of Free 3.0v5 in a 10.5 and Kinvara 4 in 10.5, how are the Skechers sized, this will be my first pair of Skechers performance shoes.  Also which shoe will be slightly fi…
  • What about the Merrell Road Glove or Trail Glove
  • Nike Free 3.0v5.  I forget I have them on, super comfortable and soft
  • I wear a 10.5 in my frees and Kinvara 4's and its a great fit for me.  I also have a pair of Merrel Bare Access 2's that I wear a size 10 in.  Hope that helps. Eric
  • Thanks guys I appreciate the feedback.  Pete I just saw your review as well, very well done as usual.  Thanks for the help! Eric
  • Minimalfred,I have to second everything you have written, it is my favorite shoe at this time, I have tried other shoes but the Free v5 just disappears on my feet and I can just run.  Love it!!
  • Awesome feedback! Thank you guys and girls very much, as of now its the thing my wife and I are most concerned over getting, is that bad?  I am sure that will change as we go!  Have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy your Turkey Trot's, we will be runni…
  • Bryan - I would need to try the flyknit on, it definitely has a distinct look and I like that!!  Kagule - This is the first pair of Frees (v5) I have owned and it is one of the wider shoes I have worn, I love it!  I think my foot is wider than avera…
  • Good point but it wasn't as much I can apology as it was an conversation starter on a shoe that doesn't get a lot of attention as a running shoe.
  • Dan,Are you still liking the Mirage 3's?  I am thinking about getting a pair, hoping it will help with some ankle pain I have been dealing with since I have switched to lower drop shoes.
  • Jim the 49ers with Kapernick as QB and Robinson in the backfield would be interesting.  You wouldnt know what to expect. Bryan, I thought it was interesting as well, especially to thought of running in a shoe with the laces untied is similar to runn…
  • Sorry I meant to post this link with the original post!
  • Thanks for the review kagule! I appreciate it very much, with such good thing s that I have heard and because it would be a second pair I am really leaning towards giving them a try, but the go bionic rides also sound interesting.
  • Can anyone comare the GoRun 2 to the Adidas Adipure Gazelle?  I really like the Gazelle but just looking for something else to wear and change up the rotation. Thanks for your help,Eric