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  • I actually think they look cooler now. Love the look of burrito tongue shoes I guess...
  • I have enjoyed the Inov-8 Trailroc 245 and Brooks PureGrit as hybrid trail and road shoes. Both are in the 4mm range (although i think the 245 is 3mm). I much prefer the trailroc until the PureGrit gets grippier. Already have a pair on preorder.
  • One thing I noticed from the Drifts was that they do seem to have more cushioning on the outside edge of the foot (like MT110) however not nearly as pronounced. I only notice it on my right foot which pronates much more than my left. When running I …
  • I won honorable mention for their Run Happy Moments contest and they shipped me a pair. Hopefully you can check them out soon!
  • Received a pair of Pure Drifts early and can genuinely say they are a great shoe. Awesome ground feel. This is the shoe I was hoping the Pure Connect would of been originally.
  • I do not know how they fit compared to the Mix Masters or other Inov-8 shoes but can comment on them a bit after receiving them. These are the best fitting trail shoes I have been in. I am able to run in them without any debris getting in on the sid…
  • Bryan, this is off topic but is that at the Spectrum Gym in the south bay? If so we are neighbors!
  • I have about 200 on my Kinvaras but am thinking the squishy sole is causing this. I have a pair of Adidas Adipure Gazelle's in the mail so I will try those with the Universe. Anything you would recommend to help with the healing other than changing …
  • I am in absolute love with the 1010 however there is one big drawback for me. The ankle fits very loose so tons of debris gets in regardless of how tight I tie them. I could put in lots of miles in the 1010 if it wasn't for that.