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  • Newtons, yeah....   The lugs hit my left foot all wrong.  It didn't give me a neuroma, but it did give me a stress fracture.  (My podiatrist said Newtons are either very right for you or, for a lucky few, incredibly wrong.) And, yeah, Altras are my …
  • Probably too much too soon.  How do I know?  Ask my podiatrist. I got a pair of Gravitys, was enamored with them right away, and started to run in them all the time.  I was 55-60 mpw in those days.  Felt great on one foot; a little "off" on the othe…
  • I appreciate that you came here and chimed in, Golden. And I appreciate knowing that the 3-Sum is going to stay unchanged, filling the niche it shared with The One alone now.  I am sure I will love The One2--there hasn't  been a pair of Altras I hav…
  • I hear ya, Mitch. I love my Altras; have a pair for all (running) occasions.  Not going to get the Olympus, because for my purposes that is just too much.  But I do like the Lone Peaks, Torins, and the even new Instinct 2.0s.  They all are well cush…
  • The Instinct 2.0s are WAY softer than the Torin 1.5/1.0. Yes, it has less stack height, but the midsole is different. Much softer. Actually a nice, comfy trainer for easy miles. But the softness did surprise me. A totally different shoe from th…
  • +1 for the Altra Lone Peak. I don't know if they make them in EE, but you probably will be fine in the regular ones. Maybe you won't, but you won't be wasting your time to try them on. A lot of people who used to wear EE or even EEEE in the "big…
  • You only need another shoe when you feel like you need another shoe.  I almost always need another shoe ;) What do you not like about your current shoes?  What aren't they doing well enough?  For something in a lower drop than what you have, but not…
  • Have you tried the Instinct 2.0? Less stack than the Torin, but, oddly, much softer.  Much.  So different than the old Instincts.