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  • you write "I am pretty comfortable with what I will be doing for fueling during it" and then you ask about fueling techniques. What are you doing in training with the perpetuem? (or are you not up to distances where you need it?  I have used what yo…
  • I would say that most of my race tech t's are junk but there are a few from some good races where they provide great tech shirts, as good as branded store shirts. Most feel like they are made by cutting up those cheap recycled shopping bags and maki…
  • Altra was great. Terrific responsive and personable customer service. Offered a replacement pair but my size was out of stock so gave me a 50% disc to any pair. I ordered the One2's based on your review here since I was going to get them eventually …
  • Thanks Pete. I'm currently working with them (sending pics) and we'll see what they do (I'll post with outcome)It was really a bummer because they worked flawlessly during the Ultra (Catamount 50k in Vt). Yep, Superior 1's.  -Tom
  • Anyone know if the GoRun Ultra's suffer from the same oversize as we're seeing in the GoRun2 and GoBionic or are they true-to-size?
  • I run in 11 1/2 in most shoes (NB, Merrell, and Inov8) but the same 11 1/2 in my Skecher GoRun2's is like I'm wearing clown shoes with all the extra toe room. Next time I'd go down 1/2 a size. (but even with the extra room they're terrifically comfy…
  • See what you've done to us Pete!