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  • Darn jt2gt, Those Helios are just a bit too small for me or I'd be asking for a PayPal address tout suite!
  • I'm a 10 in most (Saucony Kinvara is my marathon shoe.) 10.5 in Nike and New Balance.  I have a pair of size 10 Brooks Pure Drift 2 available. 6 miles on them.
  • I have used LG HBS-700 for about 2 years now and I absolutely love them.  I wear them with only one ear bud at a time (leaving the other one in the 'holster')  Initially I was concerned that they would bounce on my shoulders but that has not been a …
  • After reading some of these comments, I'm going to give the Kiger a try. I have had success up to 15 miles on dirts\roots in Kinvara TR2s. I am also just starting in MT1010s (about 40 miles so far, but not more than 10 at once) I just got some Mix M…
  • I've run with the NB1010 on trails in our Rochester, NY winter and while it is not insulated in the least, I find it has a nice grip on crusty snow/soft ice. I'm planning on using it for serious trail training as winter breaks into spring. For the w…
  • I wear Altra Torin as my everyday walking around the office "work shoe", though I could never imagine running in them. They're stable and roomy, but not secure... if that makes any sense. Kinvara 4... too tight upfront. So glad I bought a couple pai…
  • (Hi... my first post... woo!) I'd have to slightly disagree with "Born to Run" not being running science. It isn't pure, substantial science, but it has some good research citations. Sure, it is a dramatized story and all that, but there is enough D…