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  • Yes I have suffered with it. It's the displacement of the cuboid bone in the centre ish area of the foot. The first time it happened it was very painful but it went with a few days rest. Another couple of times I had it I saw an osteopath and had …
  • Thanks for the response about the insole.  Decided to try them out today with it and really enjoyed the ride!  Didn't feel like a big heel and whilst ground feel was muted, I still liked the feel of the cushioning and they weren't too mushy which wa…
  • Does the gorun 3 feel like a true 8mm drop with the insole or does the sole design and cutaway heel make it feel less? I've just picked up some for the first time and have ran twice without the insole but they're a little too big (should size down b…
  • thanks for the reply.  interesting that you say the goRun is firm as I had the impression it was probably soft like the pure flow, not sure why.  When I got the pure flow I tried the connect 2 and wasn't overly impressed but I believe they've change…