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  • My links don't seem to be working again. Well, paste this if you really want to see or click the little link below that says "My Blog"
  • I've got a pair of those Nine2Five black Lems that I wore at work for a while. But God, they're ugly. They're so wide and ungainly looking in the toe box. I got to the point where I just couldn't stand putting on those hideous clown shoes any longer…
  • I usually ignore pain, but this last time I had trouble walking for a couple of weeks. Now the ankle is better and there isn't a trace of swelling. I'm hoping that all the inflammation made this ankle stronger. 
  • Good analogy. More thoughts along these lines Yay, I inserted the hyperlink correctly.
  • I used the hyperlink button for that last post. Whatever, I always just kind of instinctively feel my way around with computer stuff and usually end up with an acceptable result.
  • OK, there we go.
  • My ankle still feels good after 2 5Ks and moderate weekly mileage. I had a similar problem with the left ankle back in 2012 when I started running more seriously and entering races. It swelled up and hurt in the same fashion as this recent injury, b…
  • That's exactly what I've done too. I had been running a lot in zero drop minimalist shoes. For the 5K, I wore my MV3s, which might even have a negative drop. The problem really flared up in those shoes, so I figured all of the low drop stuff was par…
  • Just wondering if you have biomechanical issues, or form issues which you or your PT think may have caused your peroneal tendon problems?
  • Still happy to report that the bunion seems under control--it's not getting worse, and never bothers me in any of my shoes. I still wear the Correct Toes all the time except during runs. When I take it off, the gap between my big toe and the one nex…
  • Just like running barefoot, I don't think people automatically change their foot strike running in Vibrams. But I do think it's easier to run with better form--if your cadence is faster as I believe it should be. Even then, I also believe it makes t…
    in Five Fingers Comment by MIchael May 2014
  • I don't find the socks or the Bikilas hard to put on. Maybe that's part of the reason I like these shoes. I just ran 14.5 miles in 2 hours in them. So it is possible to run in them quite a bit and not get hurt.
    in Five Fingers Comment by MIchael May 2014
  • I still think that sometimes people read too much into wear patterns. Or else they think one type of wear pattern is ideal. The outer edge of my left heel wears more than my right. I strive to land mid foot, but looking at pictures from races, I can…
  • I've only run in the Bikila, which I don't think they make anymore. Just get a pair SKORAS. Everyone seems to love those.
    in Five Fingers Comment by MIchael May 2014
  • Alright! Thanks! Just got a pair for 18 bucks!
    in Five Fingers Comment by MIchael May 2014
  • If you don't like going sockless, you can wear Injinji toe socks. That's what I do. I wear those socks with pretty much all of my shoes.  I swear those Bikilas felt great today, and I'll probably be wearing them a lot more now. Just when everyone is…
    in Five Fingers Comment by MIchael May 2014
  • It seems like few people wear flats as their normal trainers. I've advocated that on this forum before, but it just may not work for most people. There are certainly many runners much faster and better than I am who mainly train and race in shoes li…
  • I have stopped wearing this thing during runs. After a not-so-good experience in a ten miler while wearing it last weekend, I went without it during a 15K yesterday and felt much better. It may change my gait just enough to affect my running economy…
  • A little update about my Correct Toes experience: