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  • i think Reebok stopped trying to be taken seriously in the running shoe world a while ago.  their shoes are made for fashion not function. anyway that looks like a trail shoe to me.  for some serious speed on the road or track try the adidas spring…
  • pics of 7000k shoes please...or whats left of them anyway loving the aesthetics of this shoe and looking forward to the Runblogger review
  • before i clicked the link i was certain Lore of Running - Tim Noakes would be no.1 i was wrong also, im pretty sure Born to Run doesnt count as running science although it is an entertaining read.  if you want to go down that path though then Runni…
  • thanks Harbourboy, i thought as much. my other Inov8's fit pretty much true to size. seems like these will be discontinued in 2014 and replaced by the X-Treme 198 which by the looks of it has a similar one piece upper to the rest of the Road-X-Trem…
  • how did you find the sizing on this shoe. according to shoefitr i need go up a whole size from the Road X 233 looking to pick up a pair post christmas if i can find them at the right price