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  • Well, I have the v1 and v2 on either feet at the moment and from feel I can see that the v2 is just ever so slightly bigger. I have a 9.5 US in both. The bigger feel is mainly in the roominess of the toe box where it is "possibly" 1-2 mm longer. Als…
  • I love the Bare Access 2 as well and wasnt even half way considering the Bare Access Ultra! But boy have you convinced me, Dan! Im looking into them as my next shoe purchase!  Thanks Dan! :D
  • Hey, where exactly did you buy your Salming shoes from? Their racer model looks interesting
  • And I bought a pair of the originals to have a reference point, and they just came in the mail to today. I bought a pair of the v1's in a 10 instead of the 9.5 of the v2. Oddly enough they both run about the same lengthwise but I can't say exactly h…
  • Awesome!
  • Hmm, I don't know how it compares to the original. As far as I can tell, from pictures of the old one at least, is that the only thing that has changed is the upper.So the midsole may be the same in feel for you Bryan
  • Also, I originally thought the pattern on the upper would basically feel similar to flex-film on the Saucony Kinvara. I was surprised when I finally got them and it had a much more rubbery texture to it. 
  • Well, I haven't gotten the chance to run in them just yet. But I can say that they are super light, and they have one of the softest and most comfortable uppers I have ever stepped into. Almost no stitching whatsoever on the inside. The fantom fit f…
  • Sorry, I have no idea how to upload images haha
  • Alrighty, sounds good to me.It's basically the Red colorway from the original MR00. Except, I like the looks of this one more.
  • Well, I recently bought a pair of the V2 off of eBay (oddly enough) and they came in today. They're in a colorway that I don't think has been "announced" or shown yet. Do ya think I'm allowed to post pictures? I don't know how the New Balance confid…