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  • I like my MT110's a half size bigger than my normal size, but I think I could go a whole size up and get away with it.  Part of the problem for me is the Minimus last which seems to taper in too sharply from the little toe.  Personally I prefer a mo…
  • I found Matt Fitzgerald's book "Racing weight" to be pretty informative - so good in fact, I went out straight away and got myself a body-fat scale.  I'm not worrying about it now, but towards next years race season (this starts Easter for me) I'll …
  • I can usually take my shoes off without untying them, although they don't feel loose when worn... So I don't think that's the problem. Guess your muscles are just adapting to the new kicks... Be positive about it, cause niggles are a way of life for…
  • I read recently that this  problem maybe due to the different strengths and qualities of the upper and sole.  We normally have a very dense stiffer outsole/midsole, connected to a very light flexible upper.  Without a kind of bridging material the u…
  • Hi Dan.  I find that removing the shoes insoles creates a bit more volume, you might try that in you 7.5's - if of course you don't use orthotics etc.  As far as heel slippage goes, I don't like it at all, and like you I favour a shoe that has bette…
  • HI just thought I'd add some of my experience to this thread.  ALL of my recent trail shoes have ripped away from the outsole recently - namely Peregrines, Mix Master 2, Trail Gloves... and my Roclite 243 would have done if I hadn't reinforced them …