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  • " So my advice is go with the less sloppy shoe, and remove the insole." + 1
  • I am puzzled reading this thread. I retired a pair of Bare Xlite 150 after more than 850 km. It probably could have lasted more than this if it wasn't of running in wintery slushy-salty-sandy condition. I started using TrailRoc 235 last winter. Thi…
  • Thanks Stephane! Cool. I used to do a lot of mileage with Wave Universe, even in winters. Are they more roomy in forefoot than Wave Universe?
  • "I've been salivating over those Mizuno Evos. I'll push them to the top of my list." Aren't EVOs made by Vivo Barefoot?
  • The new heart rate monitor that incorporates an accelerometer, might make me switch to this new model. It would enable me to get rid of my Foot Pod which might be usefull when barefooting. 8;-) I think I'll be a smart follower though. I want to see…
  • I never had issues with contacts on my old Forerunner 305 and newer 310 XT. I sweat a lot, and my sweat acidity level is high (can't deal with cheap watches and eyeglasses metal frames that are not titanium or stainless steel). Is there something d…