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  • Just as an off handed comment. I don't find the stick as useful for tight calves as the cheapest foam roller I could find. I say this because what I had diagnosed as PF turned out to be just tight calves. Once I got those loosened up my foot issu…
  • Women tend to have ~7% more body fat at an elite level. That's weight that isn't producing power. In addition women tend to produce slightly less overall power when adjusted to compare lean body mass (removing body fat from the equation) These t…
  • Depending on the level or dirt road you may want a shoe with a rock plate.  I had a trail 1/2 marathon with a forest road section with big rocks.  I was very happy I picked the shoe with a rock plate in it for just that section.
  • I recommend working through your calves with your thumbs.  Find a spot and press in hard with both thumbs.  If its super tight move a round a little and find the center (hurts more).  Do 10 seconds on 10 seconds off 4 or so times.  Move around and f…
  • Mix Master 2 is a trial shoe, slightly heavier lugs with a rock plpate. Move is a street/general shoe - same last but different fabric/out sole.  some lugs, no rock plate.  Heavier fabric that dries slower on the heal.Tuff I think is windproof?
  • You can buy a cheap eyelet set from Amazon that will work for a handful of uses (they tend to be too cheap to hold up for long term use)