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  • Me too.  I sized down to a 10.5 from my usual 11 and they fit great.
  • Hi Tina. I too have very tight calves which I must keep working on all the time. I was disappointed with the results I was getting from a foam roller and have since found two other tools, one inexpensive, one not-so-inexpensive, which have worked …
  • Good luck with the A5's.  As Pete noted, they are terrific shoes and I ran a number of successful shorter races in them last year.  My favorite racing shoe, however, is the GoRun Speed (aka GoMeb).  I found it to be very responsive and just enough e…
  • I ran my last marathon in the Pure Flow 2 and was very happy.  Your description of the shoe "getting out of the way" is very apt. It is a bit heavier than most of the shoes I run in regularly but I opted for a little extra comfort and protection.  N…
  • Thanks for the input everyone.  I spent a lot of time at my LRS trying on and running in both sizes.  What I really needed was a 10 3/4. ;-)  I decided to go with the 10 1/2 as it just felt a bit more secure and responsive for the faster-paced runs …
  • Thanks Harbourboy!
  • Thanks Sentzation!  Very helpful!
  • I tend to be a pretty solid 11 in most shoes.  I have gone up to 11.5 in shoes that run really small like the Brooks Pure Connect and the Nike Lunaracer+ 3 and down to 10.5  in shoes like the Inov8 Road-X 233 and the Mizuno Evo Cursoris.  
  • Good luck Wisebug!  With regard to the Skechers, the original GoRun had a very pronounced midfoot bump which was significantly reduced (for the better in my opinion) in the GoRun2.  Slightly noticeable when walking but not at all when running.  The …
  • Wisebug, I would definitely choose the Virrata over the Pure Drift for your purposes.  I really wanted to like the Pure Drift but it is just a so-so shoe for me.  It is hard to explain but at faster speeds it kind of feels "dead"; like all of your e…
  • Oops.  sorry Wisebug.  The first sentence should be that "I would NOT choose either for the purpose you describe".  
  • Hi Wisebug.  I run in both the Pure Drift and the Virrata and I would chose either for the purpose you describe.  I find the Pure Drift to be a little bit "sloppy" and not all that responsive in fast-paced situations.  There is good ground feel in t…
  • Thanks Dave!  I like the firm yet substantial cushioning of the MT1010.  I was hoping the road version would be similar.  Appreciate your feedback!