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  • I currently use the kinvara 3, the NB MT10, the trail glove, the BA2, the vapor glove and the cursoris. Although the cursoris just got me injured a few days ago so I can't really say I'm using any of them anymore.
  • My limited experience with the Cursoris leads me to advise against it. Durability seems bad as far as I can tell (wear is significant after barely 50 miles) and the shoe in itself is unsafe at higher paces unless you have very stable ankles.
  • The BA2's soles are way more flexible than the Cursoris'. I do not recommend the Cursoris. It's way too soft and gives a misleading sense of security. It also becomes quite sloppy when picking up the pace.
  • It seems to me the closest thing to a Vapor Glove with cushioning would either be the BA2 or the Ascend Glove (although I haven't tried this one.) I can't imagine the flexibility of The One being anywhere near that of the Vapor Glove.
    in The One Comment by Stephane July 2013
  • Less than a year ago, when I decided to get back to running seriously, I was weighing 165lbs.
  • I'm a tiny bit under 6 ft tall for 143 lbs.
  • The wear pattern is pretty symmetrical, which I'm glad about. My guess is that they have around 200 miles in them still. We'll see.
  • The wear pattern of mine after 300+ miles. Left forefoot Left midfoot Left heel Right forefoot Right midfoot Right heel Right / Left forefoot comparison