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  • Maybe some type of visualization technique the night before the race and gameplanning how to deal with the anxiety with positive self talk?  You might want to google sports psychology.  I was looking into that kind of stuff a while back but never re…
  • Good info from the sock doc.  I would say in your case, it sounds like it could be patellar femoral pain, commonly known as runner's knee.  Google it, you'll find tons of information.  If you ran harder and farther than you're used to during the r…
  • If you were wearing a pair of shoes for six months (assuming you wore them regularly) and all of the sudden developed arch pain, I would say it's not likely the shoes.  And the "They said my right foot was fairly neutral and had no suggestions on wh…
  • Ebay is probably your best bet, but you may have to be patient.
  • Thanks for the info!  I found it hard to believe that the v2 would be over one half size smaller than the v1.  That's the problem with Shoefitr, it's not always accurate.
  • I'm curious about the fit of the MT10v2 myself.  I have the v1 which I just use for casual wear--running in them, on the road at least, hurt the outsides of my feet.  I'd like to eventually get a second pair. If you go to the Running Warehouse page…
  • It might help if we knew what you like/dislike about the Kinvara in order to make sugestions.
  • I think it makes a lot of sense to have different shoes for different purposes or just to use something different once in a while.  Some people will stick to the same brand, but I see no reason to limit yourself.  Feel free to try different brands a…
  • Not sure why having a proprioceptive heel strike would matter.  You make it sound like it's some kind of disease!
  • They're practically giving away Vibrams on  Everything they have is between about $20 and $40.  Sizes are a little limited though.  I've never worn Vibrams, but at those prices, I'm tempted to pick up a pair to try.
  • Skora is one you didn't mention. I like Inov-8 personally (I have the 178s vs the 138) and like them a lot.  Find a shoe that fits you well and try it.
  • I think that (part of?) my problem is forefoot overpronation.  Having all of the toes spaced out, I think anyways, helps to make my forefoot more stable and limit pronation.  That being said, the full spacer doesn't fit into all shoes, so I'm thinki…
  • I like Correct Toes too.  I mainly wear them for running, but I should wear them more during the rest of the day.  At $65, I think they're a bit over priced, but worth it in my opinion.
  • If you go to the Running Warehouse site,, you can use Shoefitr to compare to your Inov-8s or any other shoe. 
  • The Virrata 2 is out.  On Shoefitr, if you use the Virrata 1 as the shoe to compare to, it shows the 2's being a little bit looser/wider in the toe box.  Probably not a whole lot though.
    in Viratta Comment by Sleepyhead March 2014
  • There is definitely a difference between the rumble roller and regular foam rollers.  I tried one of the rumble rollers out at Dick's while Christmas shopping.  I made sure no one was looking and got down on the ground and rolled my quad...painful! …
  • I am not a medical professional and know next to nothing about your condition, but I don't think minimalist shoes are a "cure" for very many problems.  The notion that you can step into them and make everything better is misguided in my opionion.   …
  • Amazon has 11.5's for $49.99 plus $9.13 shipping.  One left in stock...they're calling your name...
  • My experience with Inov-8 is that I wear a half size smaller than any of my other running shoes. 
  • You'll be fine.  I think people WAAAAAAAY over think the whole "minimalist transition" stuff.  5K isn't very long...