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  • Altra just emailed promo code FINISHLINE for 15% off thru 3/31.
  • My bright greens from Running Warehouse came today and took them out for a quick 5 miler. After being quite disappointed with the Transcend and Conquest I'm a happy shoe geek at the moment. What others have said about a completely different shoe is…
  • A little off topic but in case anyone wanted to give the Torin a try, has 4 sizes in stock for $79 plus an additional 20% off with OUTLET20
  • Is the evo cursoris too obvious of an answer? I had the same issue with The One's toe cap by the way.
  • Thanks for the replies. I tried heel lock lacing while loosening upfront but it still didn't feel right. In addition, with this lacing the tongue doesn't provide a lot of coverage under the lace at the 7th eyelet and it is uncomfortable. I've also n…
  • Just wanted to add to the positive reviews of the GR2. I've had a new pair collecting dust since being knocked out by PFPS due to a training area. I'm slowly coming back and have ditched my Launches and Zoom Elites for Kinvaras, these, and Puredrift…