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  • I might have missed it, but are you doing core exercises? My physiotherapist tells me that he has never had anyone come to see him with a foot or leg overuse injury who has a strong core, especially glutes. He infers from that that weak core = inevi…
  • My physiotherapist blames my tight calves for most of my other ailments, so plenty of trigger point, rolling, massage and stretching is the order of the day.
  • Sounds like exactly what I am doing. Even down to Wave Rider 16s being my non-minimal shoe in my mix.
  • I guess all these responses tell us that there is no right or wrong answer to this. We'd be interested in how you get on.
  • Have you done anything differently lately that might have caused it? Have you changed shoes? How is the tightness or flexibility of your calves? How good is your core strength? Do you do core exercises?
  • Then do whatever you think is going to get you the most miles. Less big days or more smaller days. For me, 7 smaller days helps me keep my mileage up because I do any kilometres on days that I blow off or make excuses for not running on.
  • Depends what you mean by "Do you any good". If your objective is 20 miles per week then more days should mean more miles. If you have other objectives, like a 5k personal best, then the specificity of speed and tempo training etc will be more import…
  • If your son wakes at 7am, that sounds perfect for getting a run in at 5:30 or so. My issue is that one of my kids is bound to wake at some point around 6am which makes a morning run pretty tricky to get in.
  • I always thought it meant how precisely the shoe moved in response to the movement you initiate. A sock is very responsive; you wiggle your little toe and the sock moves with your toe. A loose fitting gumboot is not very responsive - you can lift yo…
  • By the way, I have three kids including two under three, so having little kids isn't an excuse. This is partly why I like the idea of running every day - it forces me to think more laterally about how to get a run in each day (early in the morning, …
  • Ask ten runners and you'll get ten different answers. I have been experimenting with running every day so far this year (I am up to 139 days in a row so far). Some people swear by daily running, others think it is insanity. The best I can offer is …
  • I'm not sure why hiking requires something much beefier than running. Why not just use trail running shoes for hiking? If they're stable enough when you're running and leaping between rocks, surely they'll be stable enough when plodding along. I'm s…
  • Hi. Your tale is an instructive one. So often we see people say that their new minimal shoes "feel great" and then proceed to do the same mileage and intensity as they did in their more built up shoes, but before their body has become used to runnin…
  • Is there no way of blocking them, or deleting them?
  • That would be surprising. We don't get many spam posts around here......
  • Kagule - the big shame is that it seems to take each of us to go through that journey in order to understand how our bodies work (except for those lucky people where everything functions well from day one). There doesn't seem to be an easy way to tr…
  • Knee pain is so common. I would go see a good physiotherapist or chiropractor who can identify where your muscle imbalance or weaknesses are. It may be that after some rest you need some massage to loosen up the tightness (eg IT band) and some exerc…
  • Mizuno Wave Ronin 3, Inov8 Road-X 255, or Inov8 Road X-treme 208.
  • It's been so dry here this summer that I have not had any opportunity to test out the grippiness. But the sole certainly looks more cut up after just 10km on the clock than any of my other shoes look after 500km.
  • If this is the same material is the sole of the Inov8 Road XTreme 208 then I would also have doubts about the durability.
    in The One Comment by Harbourboy March 2013