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  • Well, it turns out as a one time service Zappos is willing to accept a return that has been worn. To top it off my kid used the box for an art project but I can still return it luckily. I now ordered 2 different sizes of Inov-8 F-Lite 195 which also…
  • Interestingly, I just spoke with someone who has the women's version and she said that it IS a little big around the ankles. So I'm not imaging that! Today I went on a 40 minute easy run and have mostly recovered with minor pain in the right inner h…
  • I have a bigger problem than durability with the MT20v2s unfortunately. Tried them on and noticed they fit a bit loose around the ankle area despite making sure they were laced tight enough. Also had an easy thumb width spacing at the front but figu…
  • Great, this worked fine, thanks!
  • I ended up ordering the MT20v2s from Zappos since they're on sale and hope that it won't wear out on me. If they do I plan on contacting Zappos and NB to try to get an exchange. We'll see.
  • I use a foam roller for quads and IT band because it's easy to apply pressure but I don't understand how to apply pressure to calves or hamstring. Wouldn't the Stick ( work better for calves? Or maybe I'm not getting the te…
  • Considering those other models are $30-$40 more than the MT20v2s, I think I'll risk it and get them after all. (They are on sale at Zappos right now). If they do have a problem I can try calling NB and maybe they'll send a new pair since it could be…
  • Can you comment on the durability of the MT20v2s? I've been going through the amazon and zappos reviews and there are quite a few complaints about how they fall apart after a couple of months of use. Thanks.
  • tintallie, ouch! However, that might provide good feedback that those shoes aren't working for you. For me, the insidious thing was that there were no physical signs at all. They felt great, and there was no pain for regular training or even 5k race…
  • Interesting tintallie, I used the PureConnects for about a year, and although I didn't get any blisters, I had severe pain on the outside of my foot after running a few hard 10Ks throughout the year. After trying everything, I finally figured out th…