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  • Is it a good thing or a bad thing for the Kinvara 4 to have a "plush" feel compared to Kinvara 3? K3's are good enough for what they have but a plush feel is very much welcome (for me i guess). Thanks!
  • Haven't felt any adjustments to be made even though the lateral part is wearing out. Still the way i run from day 1 with them. My only concern right now is the blisters they are giving me.
  • after logging 150+ miles with my k3's, i think they are holding out pretty well.. and like you, i tend to wear down fast the lateral portion of my shoes and the "cut-design" has flatten out already. but overall, i'm having a good run with em. (good …
  • Pureflow2's getting a lot of good feedbacks as opposed to it's predecessor. I say try and check it out first.  Also, there's Kinvara 3 and i myself is a pure convert from Brooks to Saucony because of them. 
  • on top of what these gentlemen said, i say make the kinvara as your regular trainer and your trail gloves and gobionics for transition but start building up slowly. If i'm to make a 5 day training plan for transitioning, this would be it (given that…
  • And so i pulled the trigger yesterday and went for the kinvara 3 against the purecadence2.. I had my first 10km run with them and what can i say? .. I should have bought them long before. They feel so good, so good i could have done more from 10km b…
  • I own both shoes with 0mm and 4mm drop and the latter seems to be my sweet spot. To each his own i guess..
  • Thanks on the suggestion Pete. Have you tried the Mirage? What's your take on it? 
  • hi UGOLAND. Unfortunately, like what i've said, i'm steering away from minimalist shoes such as the Go Bionic, mainly because of the cost-per-mile ratio. I still have my Puredrifts with my rotation, so i'm sticking to it as long as it gives up on me…
  • Hah! Sorry for harassing you. I think the Kinvara 4 looks promising. I guess i'll just ask my local store to grant me atleast a week for returns/exchange and will try first the Kinvara 3 and if things dont go my way, i'll just get the Purecadence2.(…
  • So, do you think it is a good upgrade from the already good cushioning found on K3s? I mean, you know how the K3s feel, and making it more plush is something maybe you could have wished for?
  • @ BRYANEW710 : No go on Altras as they are not available in my country (Philippines, Manila), and shipping from the outside will cost a fortune.  @ SENTZATION : (thinking to myself : well, i can also get those extra cushioning, breathable mesh, bett…
  • @ BRYANEW710 : Exactly what i had in mind. If it works, stick to it. But then, with all the buzz surrounding how great the K3s are, i'm intrigued. I still have enough time to decide though.  @ STEVEL : i have my Puredrift for that minimalist feel, u…
  • Wow, 30 miles? Brooks, really? Damn.. Mine's about to tear on the inside layer on the upper of my right small toe but that's after 250km with them. I think it'll last for 50km more. I expected more on this shoe but it disappoints. Will be steering a…