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  • I liked the first Virrata, unfortunately I ate up the EVA sole. The wearing was terrible.I'd be interested to see how the durability of the sole is on the virrata 2
  • Can't answer your question, is the Virrata 2 even out yet? Durabilty was an issue for me with this shoe. I ate through the soles man.I guess this particular shoe wasn't well suited for me.
    in Viratta Comment by Rayhzel March 2014
  • Interesting link that sock doc one. Good read and makes sense.So far I've been using a foam roller after all my runs and it seems to work fine for my calfs, though I've been eyeing those other TP rollers specifically aimed at the calfs. I've been us…
  • Sorry for the late respons, live has been busy. My friend is in the military and it was a military doctor who diagnosed him.Also it is work related in his case, because of a lot of kneeling and bumping his knee during work.Also it is the front of th…
  • I love the Levitas, I would hate to see that one go.Wouldn't be the first time though. I also loved the Saucony Hattori and they stopped with that one as well...
  • Definitely would be interested in SKORA shoes. Too bad I can't find them anywhere
  • looks truly amazing.Would be interested in buying if I had the money laying around.I might buy me a forerunner 10 instead ;) Which is perfect for my needs, but that 620 man....
  • Truth is probably somewhere in between.I think most of the time motion control or whatever isn't necessary at all, but it could definitely be a solution for some. I think at some point the whole industry got caught up in trying to correct everybody …
  • Bought a Nathan Quickdraw Plus (650ml/22oz). Looks perfect for my needs and I appreciate the extra pocket. I tried running with a belt the other day, but it was not a success. The belt would not stay in place. After a few hundred meters it was alrea…
  • Good stuff. Seems to confirm what I have been thinking for years. Though apparently not everybody in the comments seem to agree. If I look at my personal experiences with running shoes, this research confirms my own believes.
  • My first thought: forget the race and focus on your health! Unfortunately I can't say anything useful though, as this is way out of my league obviously. If no one drops by with some useful knowledge, definitely consult a doctor.
  • I guess there is a huge difference between the small descends I encounter and moutain roads ;)
  • I would like some extra info as well, because I might recommend these to my girl when she is in need of new pair
    in Mirage 3 Comment by Rayhzel June 2013
  • Looks like a great watch, I would miss the HRM though
  • I can't say that I have the same problem with the Virrata. Though my initial thought of the logo plate was that the placement was a little weird. That said, I love the Virrata so far. Only done a few small laps, as I am working back from my knee in…
    in Viratta Comment by Rayhzel June 2013
  • Something I would live to try once, but doesn't seem like something you can always put on your feet and only can afford me one pair of shoes at a time. Like many I have my doubts about durability too.
  • def need to work on my length strength when my knee is healthy again.I always do strength for the upper body, but not nearly often enough for the legs, because I am afraid to do too much with the legs when I am also running a lot
  • love that gray/orange look
  • It's hard enough to find "decent drop shoes" for just walking around.That also aren't ugly..........