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  • Wow. When I would run that much I would get injured for sure. I'm age 35 and most of the time I'm able to run 3 times a week. Running more gets me injured, I need day rest between my runs. Last 3 years have been injury free for me, except some small…
  • Extreme lightweight materials (I'm talking about Mizuno wave universe 5 lightweight!). That could be the upper or the sole. Each shoe available in several widths. For me about 80 percent of the running shoes are a no-go because they are not wide en…
  • If you're a heavy heelstriker it is more advisable to change your stride first. This can be done in almost any shoe. All I can say is that heelstriking in the Go Bionics is a big no. There isn't enough cushioning to absorb the impact.
  • Here also a happy user of the Lems Nine2five!
  • From what I've heard and read, the GRR is much more like the Kinvara than the GR.
  • So that's the Skechers Strada. Clearly not my type of shoe :-). The new La Sportiva Helios sounds interesting, altough I purchased the original model less than an month ago as my main trail shoe.
  • Buy them in combination with some Inov-8 shoes ;-) Today I received my second pair of Inov-8's, the run-x-treme 198 with bright yellow 3mm footbeds in size 12. 6mm drop in the shoe for the easier runs...
  • Yup. I have two pairs of Skechers Go Bionic in rotation and most of the time I grap the new pair. It's not a completely fair comparison, because the new pair is 0,5 size bigger. But I can also feel the difference in cushioning between the two shoes.…
  • I would put on my Mizuno Universe, because I don't have any of the other shoes :-)I guess it's the stiffness of the other shoes that should provide an advantage over the extreme leightweight shoes.
    in 5K Racer Comment by Rudy August 2014
  • There's a guest review on runblogger about the Cursoris and the Levitas: I have the Levitas and use it without insoles for road running. The shape of the shoe is a bit odd. I…
  • Inov-8 Road-x 155 of Road-xtreme 178. Both have a roomy toebox made of stretchy material. 3mm drop for both.
  • I used them last saturday for a workout. It was a while ago since I used them. I had forgotten that the lack of cushioning totally isn't an issue for me anymore. A part of the road with some gravel on still was uncomfortable, though.
    in Five Fingers Comment by Rudy May 2014
  • Bare-x 180 are also available in black and white (I have them myself). Zero drop and zero cushioning. May be. More difficult to find, because they were a sort of limited edition.
  • Try to get your hands on the black and grey inov-8 road-x 155. No reflectors and just 3mm drop. It's still available at for a reasonable price.
  • @DonL:  1/ The insole is just as thin, but has a slight pattern on the bottom against slippage.2/ The upper is more breathable. It's a bit coarse, but on the inside near the toes they've added some soft material. This coarse material is also at the …
  • @Bryan Ok, I tought it could help to avoid the rubbing... @TrailRunningDad:  I would like to try them, but they aren't available in Europe... Not yet mentioned in this thread (because they aren't zero-drop) are the Inov-8 road-x 155. They are around…
  • @Bryan: I also wouldn't consider the Levitas a shoe to run in sockless. Swapping the insole for something thinner (or no insole at all) could prevent the rubbing.
  • @Bryan: Mizuno Levitas are indeed more difficult to get a good fit. I had to tie the laces in Altra style and now it's fine. First couple of runs I had a problem with the logo on the side that cut in the side of my right foot. @fr2ttw: Why don't you…
  • I think the Skechers Go Bionic (prana) is a good choice (already mentioned above) if you still can find it. Version 2 is also a good option. Same sole and without insole it's zero drop. Mizuno Evo Levitas or Cursoris can also be found online at a di…
  • I think that the main problem may be the lack of attention for a good running form. Most of the people who run don't ever get their running form analysed or corrected by some sort of training. So for most people, shoes have to make up for that and p…