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  • I don't think it matters if the same brand or different as long as the shoe fits ok. I'd agree with Sleepyhead that the Free is not really softer than the Kinvara, but it is much more flexible which will give you a different feel and work you a bit …
  • Any other changes lately that might have coincided with onset of pain - training volume, speed, surfaces, etc? Could be unrelated to the shoe. One thing to consider is that the Torin is not a very flexible shoe, and the fact that the Ferus was ok m…
    in Feet pain Comment by Runblogger July 15
  • Have you tried another shoe to see if the same thing happens? Torins are zero drop so they may be stressing your feet in ways you are not used to.
    in Feet pain Comment by Runblogger July 14
  • Yeah, the MV3 kind of scares me a bit, don't really want lugs in a shoe that flat and firm.
  • I rarely ever suggest changing foot strike in the clinic when working with a gait client. My basic take is midfoot or slight heel or forefoot is the range to aim for, and if you are in that range don't mess with things. I'd much rather look at bigge…
  • Your cadence is pretty high, I'd simply go with what feels natural and comfortable to you. If you were at 150 I might suggest rasing it a bit, but there really is no good data on what is an ideal cadence for a given runner. I'd say the same thing ab…
  • I had what I think was some irritation of the peroneus longus tendon after trying to run a marathon in flats for the first time. For me, moving to a higher drop shoe for a bit seemed to help clear it up. Wrote about it here:…
  • I actually don't have the Olympus, just the Paradigm. And my Paradigms are pre-production so no size on them, but they fit really big so I'm guessing they sent me a 10.5. 
  • Here's some data from a hilly 8 mile run I did last month: Avg Run Cadence:179 spmMax Run Cadence:199 spmAvg Vertical Oscillation:8.5 cmAvg Ground Contact Time:240 msAvg Stride Length:1.05 m
  • I have the Paradigm but have not had a chance to run in them yet. Curious - any reason the Hoka Bondi didn't work for the purpose you describe? Is it just the zero drop?
  • Have heard several people who have said the same thing, most suggest going up a half size in The One2 relative to other Altras. Not sure what size mine are off the top of my head, think they are half size up from my usual.
  • Awesome, good news!
  • The nice thing is once you have a few shoes swapping is easy and you don't have to buy other insoles. I use Kinvara, Skechers, and Nike Free insoles in a lot of shoes.
  • Superior 1? Same happened to mine after some yard work a few weeks back. My guess is they will replace them for you.
  • Theone shoe that always felt good when I had PF was Birkenstocks. Not a running shoe obviously, but really seemed to improve the pain around the house and out and about.
  • Hmm..strange. Wondering if it may be due to the Virrata being a pretty soft shoe with a cushy forefoot compared to the others you have been using?
  • Doesn't sound like PF if there is a noticeable tender "lump." When I had PF it was always worse in the morning and pain would lessen as I loosened up. Pain usually directly under heel, sometimes radiating up the inner side of the heel. Never any swe…
  • I'd second Brad, wrote up something about the Inov-8 insoles here:
  • Have you tried any of the Altra road shoes? The One2 is pretty roomy and more cushioned than the Trailroc. Flexible like the PureDrift. I'd also throw the Asics Gel Lyte33v3 out there, but try on first and make sure it doesn't have that lumpy forefo…
  • I have a pair of Tifosi sunglasses that I like, can't remember the model though. The Clymb often has good deals on sunglasses.