Low-drop trail running shoe for wet rocks


here on the swedish westcoast summer is already turning into autumn and with this the inevitable wet weather has come. From now till next spring basically every forrest trail here will have its share of wet spots. This includes a lot of rocks, which brings me to my problem. In all their glorious perfectness ;), my beloved Pearl Izumi EM Trail N1s have one problem: grip on wet rocks. There is none. :( And believe me, I have been falling more than once because of this - luckily so far without consequences.

I am considering whether I should just be extremely careful from now on, or if it is time for another outbreak of the shoe acquisition syndrome. The decision might be easier if I would know if there are any lower drop (<=6mm) shoes out there which actually considerably are better on wet rocks than my PIs. I would suspect that some of the Inov-8 shoes or the La Sportiva Helios might be better. Maybe also the New Balance MT1010. But that's all just guesswork.

So, is there someone here who has found the right tool to tackle wet rocks?




  • I have Inov-8 roclite which does well o wet rocks. The 295 is 6 mm drop and 243 is 3 mm drop. I understand the trailroc line is also supposed to do well on wet rock. I haven't run in them personally so I can't say for sure.
  • Thanks for the hint, the Roclite 243 looks intriguing. Too bad I won't be able to get them here in town, the only Inov-8s you can get in the local stores are the Trailrocs. OTOH the La Sportiva Helios are on sale now, I have tried them on a couple of times but never could convince myself to spend the money. Now the situation might have changed. ;)
  • Try optimalrun. They ship cheap to Scandinavia
  • Thanks, but ist looks like they are situated in the US which means that all the hazzles with shipping, customs, possible returns etc. are usually only worth it if the shoes are outright cheap or not available in Europe.
  • Inov-8 !!! Those with 100% "sticky" compound:

    Probably the best you can get for wet conditions. On the other hand, wet rocks/roots always suck! Even the "stickiest" compound can't do magic.

    I'm not so convinced of Inov8's triple/dual compound shoes when it comes to wet roots/rocks.

  • Sportsshoes ship for free anywhere in Europe. Wiggle sometimes do as well. They both carry the Roclite 243.
  • Thanks all, seems like the next trail shoe will be a Inov-8 Roclite 243!
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