Kinvara vs. GoRun2

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I currently run in the Kinvara 4 (ran in the 3 prior), the Virrata, and the Merrell Mix Master 2...I have always been curious about the GoRun 2 because it gets such great reviews (and is so well priced), so I was wondering if anyone could give me a comparison between it and the Kinvara?

Also, while I'm asking things...any comparison of the Kinvara to The One and the Newton Energy NR would interest me too. Thanks.


  • Kinvara 3 vs The One: I've run in both and currently run in The One.  The Kinvara has lots of cushion whereas The One has cushion just not as much.  The Kinvara has a cramped toe box whereas The One will set your piggies free.  In the Kinvara it's similar to your piggies being raised in a confinement operation while in The One pure pasture raised bliss.  The Kinvara is a 4mm drop shoes while The One is a zero drop shoe.  The Kinvara has arch support and a lot of it while The One does not.  I like both shoes and the Kinvara was a great transition shoe but once I ran in wider toe box shoes I just can't go back to cramped quarters. 
  • Thanks Steve, appreciate the insight. Also, I enjoyed the "pure pasture raised bliss" description.
  • I second The One. I don't know if I can ever run in other shoes again with cramped toe boxes. I was somewhat sceptic to the (my first Altra) One feeling sloppy but it keeps tight where it should and the freedom of toe splay is so nice. So I am getting the Superior before the winter hits here in Norway. My other main shoe is Merrell Vapor Glove. Also a nice wide wide box.
  • I ran in the first 3 iterations of the Kinvara and recently bought a pair of GoRun 2s. For me, the fit of the GoRun is far superior to the Kinvara with what feels like a wider toe box and stretchier upper material. The first handful of runs in it, I created a random pain on the top of my foot, but this could have been due to my marathon training peaking at the time.

    I just ran 20 miles in the GoRun 2 this past weekend and my feet felt great at the end.

    Good luck in your search.
  • I'm going to have to try a run in the GoRun2s.  I've hear so many good things.  What's the drop in them?

  • It's a 4mm drop

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