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I currently run in Brooks Ghost 5.  I'm thinking of getting a shoe for track workouts and speed work, probably 5ks too.  What do you recommend for a lighter shoe, but still provides cushion, especially for heel.  What is you opinion on the Brooks Pureflow?  Thanks


  • How do you normally prefer your shoes to fit?  Do you mostly heel strike?
  • There's still way too much shoe in the Pure Flow to make it a good option for track workouts or 5k races. I'd go with either the saucony A5 or the mizuno universe 4.
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    Depending on how you fit shoes, the Nike Zoom Streak LT might work.  It's available unisex (ie, to get the appropriate size, you need to subtract 1.5 sizes from the nearest men's size).

    I only mention it because it's on Liquidation at Running Warehouse, so low risk moneywise :-)
  • I'm a mid-foot striker and I prefer a little room in my shoes.  thanks for the recommendations.

  • Altra The One. For a roomy toe box, zero drop and light weight.
  • Since Vicky mentioned the Brooks PureFlow, I thought I'd say I run in them a lot and really like them for long runs and half marathon distance, but to me they don't feel that fast so they wouldn't be my pick for 5Ks or track work.  But they're a bit lighter than the Ghost, so they might be a reasonable choice in this case, especially as a transition to something even lighter.
  • Problem with a track is that the surface is typically cushioned, and a cushioned shoe on a cushioned track can be overkill and feel off. I'd rec a racing flat along the lines of those that Bryan and Stephane suggested. 
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