Quick sock question

I like really thin, lightweight socks.  I have one pair of the inijijijijijijiji socks - the Performance Lightweight toe socks.  I like the socks, but also want to get several similar pairs that are NOT toe socks.

Anyone have recommendations that would be similar (or better) that are not toe socks?  Also, anywhere where I can get them in larger quantities than 1 pair - which makes them pretty expensive..



  • Haven't bought socks in well over a decade :-)
  • Personally, I like wearing Swiftwick socks...I've never seen where you can buy more than one pair at a time though, and you're right that adds up pretty quickly.
  • Balega socks are fantastic and seamless.
  • Fits socks, icebreaker and smartwool are my favs. Road Runner has Smartwool 3-packs.
  • Feetures Elite Ultra Light No Show Tab Socks. I've tried a lot of thin running socks and these by far are the best. A little pricey but worth every penny!

  • Fitsok 3 pack runningwarehouse.com
  • Balaga Hidden Dry.  Thin and low cut, no extra cushioning.
  • Icebreaker is hard to beat.
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